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Telstra DOT Support - Unavailable on the weekend :-(

So we run a Red Rooster my wife and I.


Our Telstra DOT service goes down ( No phone, no internet ).


I ring Telstra support on Friday, Nah they say, we can't come

I ring back and complain, constructively.... Yeah ok, we'll try again

A technician rings the store and says he can't come

We try again, Yeah the problem is in the exchange they say, will be fixed tonight, nothing happens

They ring this morning and say that they can't come until Tuesday.


I pay a premium price for a supposed premium service.


Why do these things always happen on a long weekend?


We're losing thousands of dollars and you guys don't give a stuff.


Supporting Small business??? I don't think so.


I honestly have no idea who to call to escalate this, it's simply not fair.

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