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URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! Live 24/7 Chat waiting times

I have been waiting for nearly 4 hours today to chat to anyone on Live 24/7 chat!!!! I have tried about 5-6  other times and at varying times over the last few weeks and I am "connecting' and number 1 in the queue the whole time!!?? What is going on? I am stuck by my computer and it is xmas eve! I was in the same position everytime and last night I waited until 3 hours had passed, the same as todays waiting time, before I gave up but I am stressing out now! The waiting times have varied between 1 and a half hours to 4 plus hours! I need to chat via live chat due to health issues with my voice & because I have been unable to get through to discuss my payment arrangement (which will be paid in full in approx 30 days as I am experiencing financial hardship due to the health problems mentioned above) Telstra has sent a notice of suspension that will occur tomorrow on Christmas Day! I have no way of paying the amount owed but want to discuss payments over 4 weeks but I keep waiting and waiting for an actual person to live chat with!! Can anyone help me? I have lodged a complaint, reluctantly, as I have had only great experiences in the past with 24/7 chat but that's not going to help me now! This is URGENT!! This is regarding my business account also and being suspended will only make my situation worse as I need these services to make money!

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Re: URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! Live 24/7 Chat waiting times

Live chat wait times can be pretty bad at peak times.

If you are unable to speak on the phone, but would prefer the 'hold time' on the phone have you considered using the National Relay Service?

That way you can type on your computer and they will speak to the operator on your behalf.
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