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Who can help me??

I have a business and is currently in the process of connecting to nbn but a month already and still not complete. I have followed up many times with the nbn team because the interruption we had. Two days ago we did not have any connections to our business land line at all so I rang Telstra yesterday and finally got some connection but only partially. What I mean by partially is we can only receive some calls and some can’t. I spend two hours on the phone with Telstra and they cannot fix it. All they said is to wait until our nbn is complete. I asked them to send a technician over and they rejected. I’m so frustrated because the nature of our business depends on the customers ordering on the phone. Everyday we are losing money because of this defect. I don’t want to wait because who knows how long Telstra is going to take to fix the issue. Can anyone suggest what can I do?

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Re: Who can help me??

.If the problem is you are receiving some calls but not others sending a Technician will not fix the problem as the problem is a network configuration problem off your service and will have to wait till order is completed. There is not much you can do. You could lodge complaint by telephoning 132200 and when asked for reason say complaint or use online form but I doubt that this will speed up the completion off the order.

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Re: Who can help me??

Today I spent almost 4 hours on the phone, I believe the issue is finally fix. I called the Telstra fault team, they did a lot of test and finally we can receive all the calls but funny thing is some will divert straight away to my mobile and some will ring into the business landline. At last I had to be divert to the nbn connection team. This time I finally had some luck. The technician guided me thru on connecting the modem and the telephone ect and he did many programming n configuration I believe. At the end I realised is all about connecting and using the gears in the right way and also having the right technician. Whereas before all other technician(not sure if they are) couldnt even find the problems.

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