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Double Charged

Hi, I was being double charged for my weekly subscription to NRL Livepass.  I definitely do not recall making two separate subscriptions. The double billing was being charged all through the 2019 season.  Very frustrating, disappointing and annoying as I was trying to rectify or contact some kind of support.  Always unsuccessfully.


Eventually, I ‘cancelled’ my subscription, assuming that this would cancel only one subscription and leave the other still active.  Of course, now I am not able to access NRL Livepass so I assume both billed accounts have somehow been cancelled.


My customer feedback is that this is totally unacceptable and I would like to ask you to review the relevant circumstances and refund all the weekly double billing charges.  Once this is confirmed I will activate a new account, or take whatever other steps you suggest to be able to enjoy NRL Livepass access.



Jack McCord

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Double Charged

Hello @Bugaboo,


Thanks for your inquiry, apologies for the issues regarding your subscription charges. All support

for the NRL App is offered here on Crowd Support, I can see that you have contacted us previously.


All subscriptions are managed through the App Store or the Play Store, we have no access

to any accounts. Is it possible you are seeing 2 charges fortnightly as you were subscribed to a weekly



As per the terms accepted to access an NRL Live Pass:

When you purchase either a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription, your purchase is via the Apple App Store/Google Play Store, not with Telstra. If you have a billing issue to resolve, you should contact the Apple App Store/Google Play Store.


To access your subscriptions, follow the applicable link. If there are any questionable charges, report a problem with

the purchase within the App Store/Play Store to request a refund.


iOS Users with an In-App subscription go to: 
Android Users with an In-App subscription go to: 


Please let us know if there are any further questions or concerns

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