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Requesting refund of Telstra NRL Live Pass payments


I subscribed to the Telstra Live Pass for the NRL grand final as I was working that night. When I logged in for the game it came up with a message that Channel 9 had exclusive rights and game could not be streamed. I was charged $3.99 and then a further $3.99 before I cancelled the subscription. Accordingly I am requesting a refund of these two amounts as I was unable to watch any games and the season is now finished

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Re: Requesting refund of Telstra NRL Live Pass payments

Just so you know. The fact that the NRL Grand Final was not include in the Pass, and the fact that the subscription is ongoing (even outside of the NRL season) is clearly listed in the Terms and Conditions that you read before signing up).


All subscriptions are managed by Google or Apple through the Play Store

or App Store, depending on whether you use Android or iOS. Telstra do not have access to their systems to process refund requests.


For Android, open the Play Store>options>subscriptions>NRL>Report a problem


If using iOS, go to settings>your name>iTunes & App Store>Apple ID>view Apple ID>
Subscriptions>NRL>options>report a problem.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Requesting refund of Telstra NRL Live Pass payments

Hello @crusher060,


Apologies for any concerns with the NRL Live Pass.


All subscriptions to an NRL Live Pass are ongoing until cancelled,

this was agreed to when the Live Pass was purchased.


As you have noted, Telstra do not have the rights to broadcast the NRL Grand Final,

this was also in the terms, but also in the description within the App Store or Play Store,

and the NRL App itself.


All customers subscribing for the first time receive a free 2-week trial. If you have not received this

trial, then you have likely previously managed to purchase and cancel an NRL Live Pass.


As Jupiter has noted, all NRL Live Pass subscriptions are managed through the Play Store or App

Store, depending on whether you use iOS or Android. Follow his path to locate and 'report an issue'

with the purchase to request a refund, please keep in mind we have no influence over Apple or Google's decision.


Please let us know if there are any further questions or concerns


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