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Netball Live App FAQs


Netball In-App Subscription Pricing


1. What subscription options are available for Netball Live ?
If you are subscribing to Netball Live through an In-App Purchase on an Apple iOS or Android device, you will have a choice of a Weekly, Monthly or Annual pass.







2. What happens if I’m an existing Weekly or Monthly Pass subscriber but I cancelled mid-way through ?
If you cancelled your subscription mid-way through the term, you can only subscribe again to once the current term has expired.

Netball Live In-App Subscription Free Trial

1. What is the free trial associated to a Netball Live subscription?
The 1-week free trial is available to any new subscribers that are subscribing via the In-App Purchase option. If you are a new subscriber that has never had a Netball Live subscription, you will be eligible for a 7-day (1 week) free trial when you subscribe for the first time. You can cancel at anytime within the first 7 days if you find that the product is not right for you. If you don’t cancel within the free trial period you will be charged for the pass that you have subscribed to.

2. I am a subscriber but have cancelled my subscription. Will I still be eligible for the 1 week free trial ?
Unfortunately the 1-week free trial is only available to new subscribers that have never subscribed to Netball Live.


3. Is the 1-week free trial available to In-App Purchase customers?
Yes. The 1-week free trial is available to any new subscribers that are subscribing via the In-App Purchase option


4. What happens if I cancel my free trial before the end of the first 7 days?
You will continue to have access just like a subscribed user, until the end of the 7-day period. After that, the account will be no longer have an active subscription and access to premium content will cease.

NETBALL Live Official App – In-app Subscription/Purchase

1. What is a NETBALL Live In-App Purchase?
In-App Purchase is acquired directly via the Apple App or Google Play Store on the Official Netball Live App, and is billed to your payment method linked to the Apple ID or Google Wallet account. Whilst an In-App Purchase will not enable cross-platform access of premium content, you can restore the purchase on multiple devices sharing the same account, on the same operating system ie: You only need to purchase once if you have the same Apple ID linked on an iPod Touch and iPhone.

2. How do I unsubscribe from an In-App Purchase/Subscription?

If you subscribed In-App you will need to cancel your subscription directly through the relevant App store accounts.

iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT202039
Android: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481


3. If I unsubscribe from the App Store what happens then?
You can continue accessing all the Official Netball Live App content available via your subscription until the end of your subscription period. At the end of the relevant subscription period you can still keep accessing the free content Netball Live provides, but you won’t be able to view any live netball matches, full match replays or any other premium content, unless you resubscribe.

4. Can I get a rebate if I don’t like my In-App subscription?
Unfortunately a rebate or refund is not available from Netball Australia or Telstra if you decide that the In-App subscription is not the right product for you. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time during your subscription period and the recurring billing will stop at the end of your subscription period.

To request a refund, please follow the instructions on the following links: 


Android: https://support.google.com/googleplay/contact/play_request_refund_apps


5. How do I get billed?
All In-App subscriptions are billed directly via IOS App or Google Play Stores not by Netball Australia or Telstra. Please refer to the billing method attached to your existing app store accounts used to purchase the In-App subscription.

6. I’ve recently subscribed to watch live match videos but the app doesn’t seem to recognise that I’m a subscriber. What do I do?

On iOS:
1. Check that you have a valid subscription In-App Store > Apple ID/Account > Subscriptions > Manage
2. Check that you have downloaded NETBALL Live from the App Store using the same Apple ID that has a subscription
3. Launch NETBALL Live > > Restore and enter the same Apple ID that has a subscription and this should restore your subscription on the device

On Android:

1. Check that your device is linked with the Google Account that has a subscription under Settings > Accounts

2. Check that you have a valid subscription by checking the NETBALL Live app in Google Play Store. Launch NETBALL Live > Subscriptions> Restore and this should restore your subscription on the device


7. Can I subscribe if I’m not a Telstra customer?
Yes, NETBALL Live In-App purchase options are available to all Australian residents.

8. I got a “Regrant Failed” message when attempting to restore their subscriptions
There are two possibilities:1. The App was downloaded with a different Apple ID. You will need to log out and log back in through the Settings option on the Device. 2. It appears the download is faulty. Please delete and reinstall the App. You will need to use the Restore button, at the bottom of the subscription page, to re-link your subscription to the device.

Netball Live In-App Subscription Content / Feature Related Questions

1. Can I output the live stream from the Netball App to my TV or Monitor via Airplay, Airplay Mirroring or direct cable connection (e.g.: HDMI, VGA etc.)?
Only 2 live games per week can be mirrored. The 2 games are those that are not broadcast live on Channel 9/Gem

2. Can I get access to live match videos while I’m overseas?

3. I’m a Netball fan living abroad. How do I get access to live match videos?
For more information on international broadcast details outside of Australia please visit the following link: http://supernetball.com.au/broadcast/ 

4. Do I pay for the data?
Standard data charges apply when downloading or using the Netball Live Match Centre. Video data usage is currently metered for supported devices. Video data usage is currently unmetered only for certain Telstra customers in respect of supported devices within Australia.

Video data usage is only unmetered for the following Telstra services:


  • BigPond ADSL/Cable/NBN
  • Telstra mobile handsets / tablets with any Telstra SIM (excluding International Roaming)

5. When I’m at the game, why is there a delay between the live game play and the Netball ‘live’ coverage on my supported device?
Sometimes there is a short delay as the vision is converted into digital form for delivery onto supported devices . This can take up to 60 seconds and can also depend on your location and network connectivity.

6. What are the supported devices for Netball Live Official App?
The current version of Netball Live Official App is only supported on the following devices:
Apple: iPod Touch, iPhone, with iOS 8 and above.
Android: 4.1 and above operating systems

7. Can I watch live video via the netball.com.au or Super Netball Championships website Match Centre on my PC?
No, live streaming is only available through the Netball Live Official App

8. When trying to watch a live match on my mobile device, I get an error message.
Please ensure that you are in an area with good mobile network or WiFi coverage before closing the live match video and restarting the stream.

9. Why does my video appear to be: Stalling; Blurry; Buffering; on audio only with no vision?
Live match videos in Netball Live are delivered in an adaptive bit-rate format, where the best quality stream is made available to your device based on the bandwidth availability at your current location.
If you experience deteriorating stream quality, an audio only feed or intermittent buffering/loading while watching a live match on your mobile, please move to a location with better mobile network coverage or connect your device to a WiFi network with broadband connectivity that is uncongested.

10. Can we watch every game live using the Netball Live app?
Any match played in Australia is available to watch live. Games played in New Zealand are not available to be watched live, but a match replay is available to be watched. Any game featuring an Australian team playing in New Zealand is not available to be watched live.
Location services must also be turned on to determine the live match videos available to you at the time of broadcast.

11. When can I watch the Match Replay video for a game that I have missed?
All match replays will be made available from the Videos section within 12 hours of the match being completed but no sooner than 4 hours after the completion of a match or the 2 matches in a double header.

12. How soon are Match Highlight videos available in the app?
All match highlight videos are usually available within 12 hours of a match being completed.

13. Why am I required to update my app to the latest version before I get to use it?

Mandatory updates are required in order to ensure that you can benefit from all the new features and bug-fixes that enhance the overall user-experience.

14. How do I manage push notifications?
You will need to open the Netball Live App, select Settings from the menu, and go to Notifications and switch on or off.


If you require further help, please post here and we will aim to respond to your query within 24-48 hours.



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