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200 ricoh printers not working on dhcp, how to troubleshoot?

We have something like 200 ricoh, all are configured static due to that issue. I'm there since December and would like to make the servicedesk life easier to configure and manage those printers. 

There's one big default vlan where there's like 1500 devices. Infra is made of hp/Aruba. 

When a ricoh printer is connected on this vlan it doesn't acquire an dhcp address. On all other vlan the process work. 

We captured the network traffic on the dchp server and he doesn't receive anything for the ricoh when connected on this particular vlan. 

The network administrator verified all the switch and router parameters and they are identical to him. 

Now the magical touch, on Friday a ricoh technician came to debug, he connected the ricoh on a 8 ports switch he bring, he connect his switch to ours, and bam...  it works. We made the same test with a hub we had and it worked as well. We also made a test with a 8ports hp switch we have and it doesn't worked... Previously we made our network capture using port mirroring so we didn't detect that difference. 

We wiresharked the issue, and in the scenario where it doesn't work the ricoh doesn't emit a dhcp discovery/request. 

I still don't know what to think about that, if there's something misconfigured on the network or not, or if the ricoh receive something in his boot process that prevent her to launch the dhcp process. 

Thank you for any hint you can provide, I would really appreciate any help and would be happy to answer any more questions 

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