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Barred service due to information irregularities

After 9 years with Optus I have ordered a Telstra post paid $60 per month sim. 


Telstra have sent out my sim and disconnected my Optus service. 


3 days into the plan I have received notification that my service is barred due to information irregularities. I was provided a phone number to contact Telstra but was unable to make a phone call due to having a barred service with no celular or data available.


I attended a Telstra store on the same day and provided my drivers license, bank card, Medicare card and bills addressed to my address. The clerk at the store told me he had sent my documents through and he will call the control group immediately to fix my service. He advised me it could take up to 24 hours. 


I am almost at 48 hours now with no resolution or communication. I have spent 4 hours using your message service on the Telstra 24.7 app only to not receive any advice back as yet. 


My question is:


Why is Telstra control group cancelling my Optus service and activating my Telstra plan along with sending me an upfront bill with a due date, only to restrict my service indefinitely due to errors on their system. 


Why is the control group not conducting the necessay checks before moving ahead with the order?


I have had no disconnections with Optus for 9 years and this is an extremely disappointing start with Telstra. It’s quite clear I have gone out on a limb to join and support a company with extremely low customer service standards and terrible quality control. 

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