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Calls straight to message bank without ringing

Both my wife and myself ported to Telstra last month and ever since we were ported we both have issues with people calling us when we are at home. This has never happened before with any other carrier and to be honest i was surprised because i was under the impression Telstra was a more reliable network...



Places call and hears phone ringing, no Answer and sent to voicemail



Phone does not ring, SMS is sent to phone saying someone has called, no record of a missed call, no indication of a call coming through.


Both phones are Huawei P20 Pro (Android)

I have confirmed Do no disturb is not active.

Ive even gone as far as cancelling my Voicemail with Telstra (I hate voicemail anyway)


I read somewhere online that this could be potentially caused by 4G so i have asked my wife to turn off 4G while i have left my 4G on and sure enough mine continues to have the issue, however my wife's does not experience the issue anymore. Is there something specific i need to report to Telstra about this? is this a common issue for 4G to cause this type of issue? Any opinions on the matter would be helpful.



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Technical Support
Technical Support

Re: Calls straight to message bank without ringing


dvs626, I think in this case it would be best to report the issue to the faults team as you have clear evidence that it is the VoLTE (voice over 4G) that is potentially causing the issue, you can reach them on 125 111 or via live chat  Here -Ads

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