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Go Repeater product

Hi, a question on behalf of a family member who lives in rural WA and has signal issues. Unfortunately, they've advised the T site has limited info, and phone calls aren’t getting them anywhere.


Telstra has a new product (May 2018) called a Go Repeater, which apparently re-transmits 3G and 4G signals T site says it just needs an external antenna to receive signal to re-transmit, but when I phone, I’m told I need a T Smart Antenna, which I don’t believe is correct.


I currently use a Yagi (very high gain) antenna, which then is connected to a splitter, which supplies signal to my wi-fi internet modem, and mobile phone. The problem is that only one phone can be connected, and must stay connected, so calls are limited to the length of the connecting cable (not very long). Also, since T stopped supplying ZTE phones, I can’t find any other phone with an RF port to connect my external antenna to.


So, my questions are:


Is the Yagi antenna suitable for the Go Repeater? I’m fairly sure it is.


What sort of range can I expect the repeater to cover?


Will it cover both 4G wi-fi and 3G/4G phones simultaneously?


Also, we have a Telstra tower on the property (designated Nyul Nyul) which I think is a receive only tower, no re-transmission. We have a payphone (08 9192 4829) connected to it, which rarely works. But there is what appears to be a Telstra landline connection box at the house (the connection not in use, and may have never been)


Perhaps the Go Repeater could be fed from this for better reliability than the wireless signal from Beagle Bay, which has been troublesomefor quite a while now.


Any help appreciated.

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Re: Go Repeater product

The Cel-Fi Go Repeater will only do one band at a time (either 850MHz NextG, 700MHz LTE or 1800MHz LTE), so you may only be able to leave it on the 3G if all your devices aren't capable of VoLTE.

The Cel-Fi Pro Smart Booster (Telstra Smart Antenna) will do 850MHz NextG (3G) and one LTE Band (700 or 1800MHz) at the same time.

Both options will let you do voice and data at the same time (if bandwidth permits).

They can be connected to a Yagi Antenna (pretty essential in most cases).
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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Go Repeater product



Further to @Jupiter 's post, you also asked what kind of range you can expect with the Go Repeater vs the Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna.

I can tell you that both devices will provide coverage to approximately 30mx30m (or 900Sqm) depending on obstructions such as internal walls.


The antenna ports on both the Smart Antenna and the Go Repeater are also Female SMA (SubMiniature version A) - so you might also need a patch cable to connect your existing YAGI.

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