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International roaming on pre paid max plan


I am currently on the Telstra Pre Paid Max plan.  

I am travelling to the UK for a couple of weeks and I want to know if I need to purchase a roaming pack or does my recharge credit cover any usage whilst in the UK? 

I have a $5 credit listed as ‘extra credit’. Is this where the overseas usage charges will come out of or do they come out of the larger recharge credit amount?  I won’t need to use the phone much, but obviously don’t want to get stung with very high charges. 


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Re: International roaming on pre paid max plan

Hi Jewhite123,


When you write "the larger recharge credit amount" I'm presuming you mean the Accumulated Recharge Credits that have been rolled over to the Max plan from your previous plan.


The charge's will come out of your $5 Extra Credits, although that won't last long. Once the $5 has been used then the charge's will come out of your accumulated recharge credits.


If you were going to use Data you would be best to use Wi-Fi when possible. Mobile Data is charged at the rate of $3/mb in the UK.


You could purchase an International Browse Plus Pack which is cheaper than the PAYG rate of $3/mb. The charge for this pack would come out of your accumulated recharge credit.


These are the charge's while you're in the UK

Make and receive a call $2.00 per minute

Send SMS 65c

Receive SMS Free

Data $3.00 per MB charged per KB

Send MMS Standard charges*+ $1.50 per MMS

Receive MMS Free to receive

MessageBank® $2.00 per minute



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