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Mobile sim cards

I am on a post paid plan with Telstra with my mobile.  As my mobile is old I want to get a new one.   Not really happy with my present plan as it has gone up to $35 a month (its an old plan) and all I do on that is making and receiving calls and texting.   When I get a new mobile I would want some data but dont want to pay $50 as jTelstra tells me.   If I get a prepaid plan would I be better off and how do they work.   Some seem so cheap but dont really quite understand them.   Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Mobile sim cards

$35 is the cheapest plan now.

Belong, which is owned by Telstra, offer cheaper prices, but for data, you only get standard 4G LTE  standard data speed from Belong .... unlike Telstra, which is the 4GX faster data speed.

Purchasing an actual handset from Telstra is a separate charge. The days of included/"free" handsets has passed.

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