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Mobile site capacity

I recently sent an email to Telstra regarding the lack of capacity at a site in NSW (Morisset). This is NOT a coverage issue, coverage is fine. The issue is capacity. Almost every time I (and my business partner, who has a completely different phone also on Telstra) try to make a call, we get a "service busy" tone for up to three times before finally being able to make a call. Similarly, inbound calls are more often than not sent to messagebank. I stress again that this is not a coverage issue, signal strength is more than adequate (2-5 bars).

Here's the crap form response I got back from Telstra:

We understand the impact that this situation has had on you and your ability to use your Telstra service. The report you submitted was passed to our technicians who undertaken a
detailed study and analysis of the network where you were located at the time. Based on yourservice location at the time of your experience we can see that your handset was located in a poor 3G/4G coverage.
The main serving tower at the location is working within specification. There are no reported alarms, outages or planned works that might affect the service performance at your location.
If you are using a 4G/LTE capable device, we recommend to turn off LTE/4G in your phone settings and investigate if it will sufficiently improve your mobile coverage as the location is mapped poor for 4G coverage.
As an alternative, an external antenna, Smart Antenna or car kit enhances the range of mobile reception and may make the difference between coverage and no coverage.
For information about the best antennas, car kits and devices for purchase, we recommend you call us or visit a Telstra shop or dealer for advice.

Please be aware that the Telstra wireless coverage maps have been created using tools that predict the likely areas of coverage. While the footprint of coverage outlined on the maps is generally accurate, there will be specific areas described as being within a coverage area where a mobile device will not work. This is a common characteristic of wireless systems. For example, coverage could be degraded or not existent in specific locations due to certain physical structures or geographic features.
In situations where the signal has been degraded due to either surrounding geographic features or physical structures, you may benefit from the use of an external antenna.
External antennas can make the difference between coverage and no coverage.

As a result we have submitted the details of this location as a reference for our Mobile Technicians and Engineers for consideration in future works in the area.
We appreciate you taking the time to contact us about your experience. We value your feedback as it helps us to identify areas needing improvement in the services we deliver.

Yours sincerely,
Mobile Online Coverage Enquiries

Is this good customer service? No.
The area in question is a medium sized business park, so you'd think it would be better serviced.

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Re: Mobile site capacity

Hi, Rdsm,


Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


As an impartial customer myself, I can't really see anything inaccurate or incorrect with the response which you received from Telstra. It's a very thorough explanation regarding the limitations of wireless telephony. Although this may do very little to immediately rectify your current service problem, the feedback that you provided will go towards ensuring improvements in problematic locations.


HOWEVER, your issue is capacity, and it appears poor ol' Raffy focused on coverage. Smiley LOL Probably because they don't have a script on capacity to copy from. LOL! 


It's all good though, because the engineers (don't know why Raffy capitalised "mobile technicians" and "engineers" -  job titles aren't proper nouns) would know exactly what it's related to so I wouldn't worry too much about what template Raffy was reading from. Smiley Wink


Kind regards,

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