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My sms doesn't arrive destination

Hi, will appreciate  help. Being Telstra client for about 15 years (can't believe it myself) I have been sending sms to Ukraine for many years without problems. A week or so ago my receiver in Ukraine changed mobile provider from Ukrainian kievstar to Ukrainian vodafone. I have been sending sms every day since that change but no one reached my receiver phone in Ukraine. At the same time all sms sent from Ukrainian vodafone number I was able to receive via telstra phone. I called telstra support numerous times on this matter mostly receiving many words but no help. Eventually they convinced me that problem is on the other side. I got in touch with Ukrainian vodafone operator and after I explained a problem they agreed to have investigation of the problem. Later the same day I used my friend phone with Optus sim to check if sms to Ukrainian vodafone number will arrive via Optus. And it did ARRIVE.  In contrary to ukrainian vodafone telstra still argues the problem is on telstra end and doesn't take the problem seriously. Any time I call telstra I can only talk to operators that just read their instruction and don't want to deal with more complicated cases. I need help but don't know where to get it


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