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Poor reception in the Gladstone Q area

Why is it that the reception of NextG has completely gone to pieces in the Gladstone Q. region.   At our property we have 3 wireless modems on NextG.  We use Yagi antennas for each.  We have 2 NextG phones. We get a medium strength signal on average.  For the last month, or so, our reception has been patchy at best, even with above average signal strength.    For the last week the only reception we get on the phones indicates "E", which is emergency, I gather. The wireless has been completely dead for two days.


At my work, on the other side of Gladstone, the same thing from a different mast.  Up until a few months ago reasonable reception (ie good strength, good quality), now it is total rubbish even though the strength is good.  This is universal amongst the Telstra users I have spoken to.


This (message) is being is being carried by Vodafone from our property,  which is remarkable good speed and strength.  (Tethered mobile, no extra antenna.)


Is there some work going on with the local masts?  I have heard some vague rumour that the introduction of 4G changes the 3G and that a patch is required for NextG phones.  Is this true? Or is it that Telstra doesn't care about NextG any more?  Or is Telstra just running down the infrastructure so that the current management can claim savings, do a bunk with a bonus and leave their successors to patch up the holes? 


I just wish we could get reliable reception for the premium we pay for this service.  Is there any way to resolve this issue?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Poor reception in the Gladstone Q area


Thanks for visiting us at Crowdsupport. 


I have looked into this for you and there is a 3G outage in your postcode 4680, which is under investigation at the moment.


For further information on the outage you can contact Technical Support on 133933.



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