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Porting phone number from Optus to Telstra

I have been waiting for over 72 hours for my phone number to go from Optus to Telstra

I now have a phone plan with 2 companies due to still being with Optus up until this number changes. The only reason i needed to change over to Telstra is due to moving to a remote location and Optus not having signal there. I obviously need this up and running ASAP so i have a phone and can contact people when I move. 

I was initially told this number change should take less than 24 hours when I was in the Telstra shop sorting this out. 

It has now been 72 hours and 3 extremely unhelpful phone calls later and still i have no answer and no resolution. Yesterday i was assured the issue would be fixed by today... still waiting. I just had another phone call where i was "promised" this would be amended by tomorrow, again. I am obviously very skeptical of this considering i just spoke to Optus who told me, they HAVEN'T EVEN RECEIVED A PORT REQUEST FROM YOU. So, what is going on? I am very frustrated and very sick of being put on hold and then after a long period of waiting, talking to someone who clearly has no idea what they're doing!! 

I have been polite in all interactions with staff but i am very frustrated at this point and wish i didn't have to deal with Telstra. 

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Re: Porting phone number from Optus to Telstra

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The most common delay is that there is an unfulfilled obligation at the previous provider, though you mention they said they hadn't received the notice, but it may not have gone that far into their system?? That's just a possibility, nothing else. Another common delay is an incorrect previous account number given to the new provider .... that would be worth checking. Have you spoken to the actual Telstra store as they did the processing, and there could be an issue there?
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Re: Porting phone number from Optus to Telstra

I have confirmed all details with tesltra, all correct information and went back to the store. Nothing has happened and its now been over 90 hours. I am beyond frustrated and need this phone to work before i move!! I don't know what to do. I am really over this
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Re: Porting phone number from Optus to Telstra

Honestly, the porting request is submitted automatically when the details are entered into the order... it would be very unlikely for Optus to not have received notification after 24 hours let alone 72 hours.

The actual number porting team are on 1800631334, they will be the most suited team to look into it for you. The normal sales or billing teams would have no real access to see what is going on but that team would be the most suited.

If they can't help then it would be worth calling 132200 and say "complaint" and lodge it as an official complaint and you will then have them work through it for you.
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