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Roaming problems in Vietnam (telstra prepaid phone)

Hi Everyone,


I have been using a samsung  duos telephone that I purchased in Phnom Penh for the last two months whilst travelling in:


Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.


The telstra sim card that I brought with me worked fine in all those countries.  In particular, all the sms messages sent to my old australian number had continued to arrive.


Ten days ago, I came to Vietnam.  In all the other countries, as soon as one enters the country and  turns on the mobile, it starts receiving messages from telstra to alert the user about high roaming costs etc.  This did not happen  in Vietnam.


I soon realised that I was no longer receiving the sms messages that were being sent to my old australian number.  Took the phone to the head office of  the local carrier VinaPhone, in Hanoi.  In a few minutes the problem was fixed.  The telstra warning sms's arrived.   So did all the backlog of sms that I had been expecting.


I recharged the phone with new credit.  Dialling #100# worked to check that the credit was indeed there.


Three days ago, left Hanoi and came  to Hoi An.  Nothing has been  received since.  Dialling #100# does not work.  I get one of two messages; either "Not registered on  Network" or "Mobile  network not available".


Unlike Hanoi, the local Vinaphone office does not  have a clue.


I have tried going into settings --> Wireless&Network -->more  settings --> mobile networks --> Network Operators


on a number of occasions.  The phone scans for networks and finds a long list, including vinaphone.  When I try to register on the vinaphone  network it takes a long time, then the message appears "unable to connect to network, try again later".  The same happens with each of the other networks in the list.


There is also an option to connect automatically to the preferred network. When I use that option, the phone quickly succeeds in registering itself and reports "registered on network".  But nothing works.  In particular, when dialling #100#, I still get the usual "not registered on network" message.


What to do?  I absolutely need to get important sms messages that can only be sent to my old australian number, so there is no  way to solve the problem by purchasing a local sim card.


A final odd point that I noticed which may or may not be  relevant. 


Under Settings -->  SIM card Manager,  it shows SIM card 1 (the telstra simcard)  on the network   "ETL Mobile Network".  ETL is the network I was using in Laos (the last country I visited before  coming to Vietnam.   Fpr information I have removed the other SIM card from the phone to  keep things as simple as possible, so SIM card 2 shows "no network card" in SIM card Manager.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Roaming problems in Vietnam (telstra prepaid phone)

Hi Everyone,


International roaming was working  fine in Hanoi, but when I came to Hoi An it stopped working.  Any ideas why that could be?



Thanks in advance



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Re: Roaming problems in Vietnam (telstra prepaid phone)

I moved to HCMC about 2 months ago and when I arrived by post paid Telstra account logged onto VinaPhone fine and I received all the TXT and phone calls etc.  As I am staying for a couple of years, I asked Telstra to switch me to pre-paid (as I had no plan) which they were able to do over the phone.  Since then my SIM card went dead and will not register on a network.  It can see all the networks fine, and the Telstra Techs can see it attenpting to register, but it won't log on.


Telstra though my SIM card was faulty so sent out a new one which just arrived last week.  It too has the same result and after spending 2 hours on the on-line support on the weekend I am getting a little frustrated.


My wife's Telstra sim is still on a plan so we have swapped SIMs and it has the same result in her phone, so it is not the SIM or the phone.  It must be the account!


I have a Telstra long-life pre-paid plan and $31 in credit on my phone.


Telstra, does pre-paid work in Vietnam?

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Roaming problems in Vietnam (telstra prepaid phone)

Hi theTron,


I have just checked our agreements in vietnam and can see that pre-paid should be working there. We will need to gather some details from you so we can look at your account for any issues. I'll send you a private message with a form to complete so we can obtain some of these details.


Once we review the form we'll be in touch.


-Matt W

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