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RugGear RG970

My Samsung Ace is dying.

Reception on my farm is marginal at the best of times.

I was thinking my new phone should  be a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Recent research, though, has discovered the RugGear RG970 - which is claimed to have the best mobile for rural coverage on the Telstra 3 G network *

Although this unit is more expensive at $679.95  than the best price from a reliable supplier  I can see for a Samsung Galaxy S5 ($579 @ Kogan ) I'm wondering if I should buy the RugGear for it's superior reception?

I don't spend a lot of time on my FaceBook account or use a lot of time-wasting apps, but I do want to read & reply to emails and browse the internet..

Another review ** advises the RugGear it is not compatible with the 4G network.

I have two questions:

1) I live, work and play in rural areas, so is the lack of 4G reception an issue?

2) Does anyone have experience wtih the RugGear RG970?


* On the 5th of February, 2015 we took this phone to western NSW and found that it had almost 10% more range than any other phone we have tested. What this means is that users can experience up to a 17% increase in coverage around an individual tower". [source:]



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Re: RugGear RG970

Hi Cd.


My thoughts on this are that this is a lot of money to spend on a non mainstream phone. It's not a brand name and as such the backup and support for anything to do with it wouldn't match up to more common units like Samsung etc. etc. even ZTE.


4G really given your location 90% of the time really isn't really an issue. The only thing there is if you are in a major centre and you have a phone that will handle the 4G Networks fine, and when you move to an area where there's not 4G they will fall back to 3G for you, so you get the best of both worlds so to speak.


You talk of the superior reception of this phone, sounds OK, but Telstra go to a lot of trouble to test all phones that they put into the market, especially phones that achieve the higest standard the blue tick which means they are highly suitable for rural use.


Have you considered the Telstra Dave. It's a ruggedly presented phone with Telstra Blue Tick certification, Telstra service back etc. etc. :


Just an old fellas thoughts for your consideration.



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Re: RugGear RG970

I'm with Jeff on this one, I would recommend you buy a Telstra Dave if you live a are marginal coverage area, at least it has the option of a external antenna. I have personally used a Dave handset, there not bad. I've managed to reach  towers 80kms away with a Dave handset hooked upto my 6.5dbi antenna on my car.

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