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Telstra Mobile DNS Issue

We are currently experiencing an issue with our Telstra Mobile customers unable to browse our website. I have tracked the issue down to stale DNS records on the primary DNS server responsible for mobile.


The two DNS servers issued to my phone, are & respectively.


Please find my dig results below.


~@~:~$ dig @ +sho


~@~~$ dig @ +short the secondary server has the correct IP for my record, every DNS check I've run on various tools across the globe report the correct IP and also other providers Vodafone, Optus & Vocus too.


Why is it that the DNS server is so slow with updating new records?


All the other Telstra DNS servers listed below have our updated records.




If someone from Telstra could force an update of our domain on this server that would be greatly appreciated as there are other records suffering from the same issue.



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