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Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna Pricing

Does anyone know pricing for the Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna? Telstra doesn't! 2 unsuccessful phone calls.


Up until February last year we had 5 full bars of coverage in our apartment which suddenly reduced to between 0 and 2 bars... if you need to make a phone call you have to stand outside or the person you are speaking to can't hear you.


Any suggestions?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna Pricing

The Smart Antenna is priced at $720, and you have the option to either purchase outright, or purchase on a $30 monthly payment plan.

In order to get a Smart Antenna, you would first need to call 132200, select mobile faults, they are then able to perform pre-screening to determine if a Smart Antenna would be suitable
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Re: Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna Pricing

rayray13 wrote:

Does anyone know pricing for the Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna? Telstra doesn't!

Telstra published the price on the front page of the My Offer Summary document for the Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna.

MRP of Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna.png

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Re: Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna Pricing

Thanks for replying Dan... tried phoning Telstra but it's raining and unless I'm standing outside, I can't call... so went into a Telstra Shop and they didn't know what the Smart Antenna was... showed them on the internet and they told me it was $1500?? Not prepared to pay any more for the poor Telstra coverage than the very high (when compared to other providers) rates I am already paying... Once it stops raining I'll be able to go outside and call to see how much longer the contract is for, the savings I'll make by moving to Virgin or Optus can be used to pay out the early termination fee.

Still can't understand why the network has reduced so badly when it used to be brilliant... so completely frustrating less than 6km from Sydney CBD!

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Re: Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna Pricing

Thanks Drat... Telstra Shop said $1500! Go figure!

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Re: Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna Pricing

Have the same problem. Surely if it's caused by Telstra changing something we shouldn't have to pay $720 to fix it for them. Or is it that the Iphone 4s isn't adequate despite having a blue tick?
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Re: Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna Pricing

Iphones have notoriously bad signal at times. One need only be reminded of antennagate on the iphone 4 and 4s, however I have had to correct a few smart antenna installations I have come across over the past year. So it might be a installation problem if its not working but more likely the iphones flawed antenna system maybe to blame.

Maybe I can be of help though, sometimes it can be silly things causing the antenna of your phone to pick up interference and with the external diversity antenna system of the iphone this could be more problematic in certain interference situations.

One is reminded in the gsm days of flouresent lights and certain emr coming from televisions, killing nokias signal too.

So I might be able to brain storm with you and come up with a solution.

Private message me and I'll see what I can do
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Re: Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna Pricing

I KNow this post is a bit old but I am going through the same issue with Telstra now in regards to poor mobile coverage. It has me stuffed as to why I should have to pay full price for a service Telstra can nopt provide. It just goes to show that they just want to rip people off. If I had the option of a nother carrier I would jump ship.

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