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Telstra SMS gateway

We use a program to manage people on rosters etc.
This program has the ability to send SMS messages using an SMS gateway.
Currently, Telstra does not have an sms gateway, this is something that was invented many years ago...... Telstra have a stupid system that doesn't intergrate with anything and yet.. the 2 budget carriers, optus/virgin and vodaphone support SMS gateways.

I'm supposed to be on Australia's greatest mobile network....seems that isn't true....

Why should telstra customers have to pay extra for this service when these other carriers provide it for free, the cost to send SMS these days is clearly nothing as most current phone plans have unlimited SMS.
So....why can't i receive SMS for free through an sms gateway like most others can?!

I Implore Telstra to make this service available like the other carriers have, so that i don't have to leave Telstra for another provider

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