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Telstra Smart Antennae with iPhone 5

A question for the experts. I have a Telstra Smart Antennae and all was good in terms of boosting the signal inside of the until I upgraded to the iPhone 5 (the older model - not the new one)

I am finding that if I have the Enable 4G option turned on I only get 1 bar of service whilst only direct line of sight meters from the repeater. If I turn it off it jumps to 4 bars.

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions as to what may be the issue??

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Re: Telstra Smart Antennae with iPhone 5

Simply put, the device provides 3G coverage (NextG 850Mhz), not 4G.


Please note: Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna operates on the 850MHz Next G part of the Telstra Mobile Network. Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna is not designed to improve Telstra 4G coverage, so if you have a 4G device, you will only experience improved coverage from Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna for:

  • voice calling (provided that your device uses 850MHz Next G for voice calls)
  • mobile data, but only where your device is using Telstra's 850MHz Next G Mobile Network for its mobile data connection (e.g. if you're not in a Telstra 4G coverage area or you have configured your device so that it only connects to Telstra's 850MHz Next G Mobile Network for mobile data).

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Re: Telstra Smart Antennae with iPhone 5

Thank you for the quick reply but I understood the limitations of the TSMA but I still am not clear on the issue with the iPhone.

My assumption is working towards having the 4G option set on the iPhone appears to make the TSMA redundant.

I would like my assumptions clarified if possible.

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