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Unable to receive SMS/Phone calls from Optus after porting from Optus

I’m able to call and SMS all phones and receive calls and SMS from everyone except Optus.


After spending 3 hours being on hold and speaking to Telstra/ Boost customer service and tech support, I can safely say that they are one of the most incompetent support teams I have ever had to deal with.  Instead of trying to help me, I’ve been told that there is a compatibility issue with my phone and I should speak to Samsung and I should go down to a Telstra store which the staff advised they can’t help Boost customers and being hung up on by Telstra.


If you ever encounter this problem you should follow these steps :

  1. Turn your phone off and on
  2. Remove your sim and place back in your phone then restart your phone
  3. Reset network settings or Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth in the settings page of your phone.
  4. These 3 steps will not fix the problem but Boost requires you to go through the process before they will put you through to higher levels of tech support. Dial 132200 and say mobile fault to get through to tech support from Telstra.
  5. You should advise them that there has been a porting issue and hopefully someone will get it sorted for you.

This has happened before, , so I’m not sure why they haven’t figured out how to help people.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Unable to receive SMS/Phone calls from Optus after porting from Optus

It is a porting issue (and Boost should have just put the porting rectification request directly to Optus - note Boost is not part of Telstra, they just use Telstra's network).


That behaviour means that Optus has not put the redirect into their numbering database.


When a phone on a carrier's network makes a call, it looks up the database to determine where the call should be directed.


In this case it means that the Optus database is still indicating that the call should be directed within the Optus network rather than be forward to the Telstra network.

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