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Very Slow in Mornings!

I work in Docklands in Melbourne. I start work at 2 am, and have no issues with my internet speeds. That is until about 8 am until 10 am, I have very slow internet speeds. It cant be congestion at peak times, because a lot of my friends are also on Telstra and have no issue. Same as Vodafone and issues.


I have a Galaxy Note, and I also experinced this with my Galaxy S2 before. I bought my handset from another retailer outright, but that shouldnt make a difference.


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Re: Very Slow in Mornings!

If your only experiencing issues between 0800 to 1000 in Docklands, is it possible that its a rush of commuters in the area? 


The location of your handset shouldn't have any issues, however I would ensure your settings are the same as those found at


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Re: Very Slow in Mornings!

Hi Somestars,

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I was on holidays 2 weeks ago in the area both CBD and Docklands and I had a similar issue some days. I was using Google maps on my Galaxy S2 to navigate so it was a little frustrating =P I generally fixed it by turning 3G off then on and moving around a little but some days it was a struggle. At other points mine was working and my friends wasn't so I'm quite confident Ben_F is on the ball with congestion being the issue.

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