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Where is SMS over WIFI?

I live in a mobile black spot. With every second website wanting to use SMS authentification, it is becoming almost impossible to do administration from home. What are Telstra's plans for the role out of WIFI SMS?

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Re: Where is SMS over WIFI?

It's most likely in the works, but there are currently no public annoucements on its release.
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Re: Where is SMS over WIFI?

Hi @Campdog


It's probably a good idea to sign up to updates from Telstra Exchange so you can keep updated on Telstra news.


Just scroll to the bottom of the page & enter your email address & click 'Sign me up'.


Like any mobile network, coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network depends on where you are, the mobile handset, tablet or mobile broadband device you're using, and whether there’s an external antenna attached. 

The specific nature of building materials can also impact the coverage, with some materials such as steel framing and metallic window films having a significant impact on coverage. 

Geographic features which may block or inhibit coverage could include formations such as hills and mountains or even trees. 

If there are no outages here, you're covered via our coverage maps here & you're experiencing trouble with your mobile service, it's best to report this to our mobile assurance team on 132200.

Reporting issues to our mobile assurance team is how they get investigated. 

You can also provide coverage feedback here too. 


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Re: Where is SMS over WIFI?

Thank you, but I really do live in a black spot. That's why I have satellite internet and no mobile coverage. I can't understand why we can have wifi calling on our mobile but no SMS, but imessage. It is for this reason that most of our rural friends use iphones. However, this doesn't help with the endless authentification texts which have me rushing out into the paddock to pick up the text and then often not being able to get back to the computer before the page expires. Seriously, if there was a mobile provider that offered wifi SMS I would seriously consider changing. I can't help but feel that Telstra is being slow on the uptake here.

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