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Why is the customer support so incompetent?

So i lost my SIM card while in the US, so thought - no issue i will just suspend it. I did that easily using chat support - but asking her where to get a replacement SIM card was pointless.


So i went into the Airport West store yesterday morning @ 9:32am - and he was supposed to give me a new SIM and activate it. Well when i called at 1pm to find out whats happening i found out all he had done was reactivated my account and that was all! So now she asked for the SIM number and activated it. About 10 mins later i stopped seeing the 'SIM not Provisioned' message on my phone and i could send/receive SMS,and receive  phone calls.


3 hours later i call - and the next incompetent person then tells me to restart my phone 2 times. Did that, and guess what - nothing. He asked me to try calling another number as there might of been an issue with the 2 number i was calling - nope not working, but i could still also call 125 8888. He said before he can do anything further i had reset my network settings. So some how resetting my network settings was going to fix the issue - just think how stupid that is, I can call 125 8888 and receive calls and do SMS but some how resetting my network settings would fix this and i would lose all my BT and Wif settings (9 Wifi and 8 BT profiles)!

Did that and nope didnt work, he transferred me to provision who said this number has been provisioned with Telstra so she cant help me. So after being on the phone for 1 hour 32 mins i gave up and went to a Telstra store.

Within 2 mins he saw my number was still showing 'Provisioning' and it can take up to 24 hours (standard BS).

So now i call up and they said i need to wait upto 48 hours to provision. Seriously, TELSTRA the provisioning hasnt gone through properly. Waiting 1 hour or 20 more isnt going to fix it! Ohh and then he added that the PROVISIONING department is only in Mon-Fri 9-5. So now i will need to wait for Monday to be able to use my phone?


Ohh and everyone says 'i am sorry', and 'i am here to help you'. Telstra if  you know what Customer Service is, you would actually have people who can actually do what they are supposed to do and fix the issue!


I only moved to Telstra 3 weeks ago - bloody regret it now!

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Why is the customer support so incompetent?

I am sorry you have had this experience, it does sound like the order is still processing in the system even though you received the message that the service is active and if this is the case we do need to escalate this to our systems team they do not work 7 Days a week.


Is your service on a pre paid option?

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