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Wifi Router technicolor tg797n v3

hello users i have a old Wifi Router technicolor tg797n v3 i used it befor the NBN came out now i use it for a router or Wifi booster in my back rooms i am now on the new NBN net work using the new modem sagemcom pack fast 5355 telstra vdsl or the new big white modem you all get with the NBN net work now days plug a Blue Ethernet net lead in to the lang port 1 then plug the blue lead in to the Red WAN port on the tg797 router now log in to the tg797 routers admin go to advanced click on wan services click on the box Enabled Wake on LAN over the Internet 9 then save it now go to Local Network tab change the ip on Local Device IP address to leave the DHCP Settings ticked on, this setting likes to be on in this modem then save it now reboot the modem and wait the modem will reboot you should now have a blue lead in the red wan port feeding the tg797 internet from your new modem to the old technicolor tg797n v3 modem router all the lights should now be on the ECO is now green the internet is now green the wan is now green voice light is now green wireless is now green the Ethernet will be green if you plug it in to a pc i am using it now to post this msg over wifi now put this modem in you drop out spot or back room shed ect, connected to a Ethernet blue lead and your now on line its easy Do not through this modem out do not buy a wifi booster on ebay this modem will work fine on the NBN net work at HIGH speeds speedtest.net is saying i am getting over 50gbps and 30gbps uploads telstra don't know how to configure this modem but its really easy it don't cost nothing to set it up and use it in black spots around your house if you need help with this modem or any other i can help email me  i dont know if i will ever find this post again

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