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Will this phone work on the Telstra network?



I am considering buying Light Phone 2 (, however on their website they state it is not compatible with Telstra, as support is for the following 4G LTE Bands:
B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20, B28.


I am struggling to find the supported band information on the Telstra website. I did find this on whistleOut (


According to that B1, B3, B7, B8 and B28 are used by Telstra. Is this accurate? If so, is it significant / an issue that bands 5 and 20 (which are supported by the phone) are not in use with Telstra?



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Re: Will this phone work on the Telstra network?

Probably the main reason phone is not compatible with Telstra is that it does not support Telstra VOLTE which is necessary for making calls on 4G networks. Phones that don't support VOLTE drop back to 3G when making or receiving calls and the Light Phone 2 does not support 3G.

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Re: Will this phone work on the Telstra network?

Thanks for your response...


According to their website it does support VoLTE...


Network: 4G LTE (LTE FDD + VoLTE)
North American Model: B2, B4, B12, B13, B17, B25, B26
International Model: B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20, B28

Any other thoughts as to Telstra compatible or not?

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Re: Will this phone work on the Telstra network?

Telstra uses it own form of VOLTE. Not all phones that support VOLTE will work on the Telstra 4G network.

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Re: Will this phone work on the Telstra network?

Good afternoon,

There isn't a yes or no answer.

It depends on how you interpret "work"

All the major mobile networks in the world have the manufacturers slightly change the generic software to suit the design and idiosyncrasies of their own  network.

For instance,  if you buy a respected name such as a Samsung from their Australian website, it has generic software. If you buy that same model phone a Telstra dealer, it has different software slightly tailored to work perfectly on Telstra network, as Telstra engineers usually find idiosyncrasies in pre-release testing.


Telstra offers 4GX as well as 4G LTE,  and the specific Telstra stock takes that into account for everything they sell.


If Light state it, which seems extraordinarily generous, accept it and move on to a phone which will have a valid Australian warranty as well.

I may be conservative, but why go looking for a potential problem, especially if you are advised by what seems a very reputable manufacturer.


I write this, having worked for decades in the telco industry and with two very major manufacturers and two networks, and my job with the manufacturers was to test software on every network prior to release, and with one of the 2 networks to test phones prior to release.

Happy New Year !!


That's why



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