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I’ve just returned from an overseas trip where I used a different SIM card for about 2 weeks. I’ve got my Telstra sim in again and none of the messages of voice mails that were sent during my time away are coming through. Any ideas on how they ...

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Apologies if the location of this post is incorrect.Up until a couple of years ago our mobile phones had reception right throughout our house … in the last 6 months or so - NOT!We live in suburban Perth and a couple of hundred metres (as the crow fli ...

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Hi - I am in Japan and both my wife and I can no longer connect to the local mobile network through our Telstra mobiles. Our international day pass is activated and wax working fine but for some reason it is now no loner working. I cannot call Telstr ...

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Hey Telstra, if you’re looking for places where a microcell would be welcome, try outside my place. The 4G is minimal here and we’ve been bypassed by NBN. There’s a beaut telegraph pole beside my driveway.

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Currently traveling in worked fine for a few days,but now won't register on network. Tried turning on/off etc.please help! 

Level 1: Cadet

Same issue for all 5 of us as well.
Telstra needs to investigate, very poor service telstra

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Lost calls and internet in Japan about 12 hours ago. Same for my wife.

Can Telstra pls advise of issue and is a fix being worked on?

Level 1: Cadet

Hi I called before overseas to Telstra customer support .twice .
I already came overseas no roaming at all
SOS only .i can’t make call .i can’t answer phone .
U can confirm my record .i really need to answer some lawyer & court call from aus .
Seriously ...

Level 1: Cadet

We are in japan and after 6 days our service is no longer able to connect? I see lots of others with the same issues please advise when this will be fixed?

Level 1: Cadet

Hey guys, i have ave an iPhone 8+ and I am going to japan for a fortnight and was looking at getting one of the data only SIM cards while I travel. Do you think this will work in my phone or is my phone locked, does anyone have an handy info before I ...

Level 1: Cadet

I’m overseas in South Africa. Roaming isn’t working though it was activated whilst I was in Sydney.
I have used all the troubleshooting advice available on line.
I need to contact Telstra.
I am not travelling with anyone with a Telstra mobile and live c ...

Level 2: Rookie

I've just started a plan with international day pass.  With this, should I turn data roaming on or off?

Level 2: Rookie

Now that Android 9.0 includes a new ImsService interface (, will Telstra take advantage of this and speed up the roll out of VoLTE, ViLTE and RCS to BYO Android devices?

Level 2: Rookie

I am looking at the plan that includes international roaming and notice on the list of countries there is mexico and Columbia.  I am also going to costa rica but it is not listed.  Are there certain countries in south america that this plan does not ...

Level 2: Rookie

im upgrading from the MF910V Telstra 4GX  to the telstra Telstra 4GX Wi-Fi Pro using prepaid. Can i use the same number when switching devices? or do i close my old sim and activate the new sim?

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Mt t21 is alwsys on 3g and limited connectivity. How do I change a setting so i can use 4 g network

Level 3: Gumshoe

I am travelling to USA and Canada. I have an iphone 8 plus on a post paid plan and will have international roaming and international day pass enabled. Once I get to the states do I need to do something specific to my phone to get it activated or does ...

Level 1: Cadet

WiFi connects to network and receives welcome SMS from Dubai carrier.  Using prepaid card with data pack. Pixel 2 and now 3 can connect to device but no internet. Roaming configured as above as I connect.  Any ideas?


Level 1: Cadet

I am in Lebanon and roaming is not working. I am in prepaid . Roaming is activated. What can I do to fix issue?
Many thanks .

Level 1: Cadet
Level 1: Cadet

hello users i have a old Wifi Router technicolor tg797n v3 i used it befor the NBN came out now i use it for a router or Wifi booster in my back rooms i am now on the new NBN net work using the new modem sagemcom pack fast 5355 telstra vdsl or the ne ...

Level 1: Cadet

Level 1: Cadet

The mobile phone coverage map shows that I should get good signal inside my house, but i don't. I was thinking of purchasing a 4G booster. Has anyone experiences with theses, know what to look for, and have any experiences with specific companies ? T ...

Level 21: Augmented

got a phone call today 1pm from mobile city   however it came up saying   Telstra Private Incoming    a) didnt know Telstra had taken over Mobile City b) foreign accent c) most likely a scam   major concern is suggestion that it was an internal priva ...

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Support Team

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Level 2: Rookie

With the International Day Pass does it work on a 24 hour cycle with a 'day' starting from when you use first use the phone ie if you make a call at 10.00pm then the pass is for the next 24 hours or a cycle relating to AEST ie it resets every day at ...

Level 2: Rookie

We use a program to manage people on rosters etc.
This program has the ability to send SMS messages using an SMS gateway.
Currently, Telstra does not have an sms gateway, this is something that was invented many years ago...... Telstra have a stupid sy ...

Level 1: Cadet
Level 1: Cadet

I have a inrico TM-7 internet radio and it only works in 3G mod. can i still get 3g sims as i have a 4g sim and the radio will not reconise it Many thanks Richard C

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