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cant make or receive calls, messages stalling

I live in the Daylesford area. For the past week and a half myself and my husband have both been having significant issues with making and receiving calls as well as sending sms's.


Specifically when we are at home near Mount Franklin, the phone shows as having 3 or 4 bars but I will receive a message saying there is a new voicemail. The phone isnt even ringing. 


When I attempt to ring out, it sometimes will work but often it will simply not even be able to dial. Also if I do receive a call people cannot hear me or the call drops out. When i drive from Mount Franklin into Daylesford the issue seems to reduce.


I have also spoken to a friend in Daylesford who is having the same issues. When my father was up on the weekend, he also had the same issue. Always the phone is showing 3 - 4 bars.


I am post paid, my husband is pre-paid. 

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Re: cant make or receive calls, messages stalling

Unplanned Outage
State: Victoria
Location: Mount Franklin
Postcodes: 3461
Service: 3G
Description: Some Mobile services may be unavailable in this area.
Time start: 11-04-2013 09:36
Time end:

Case not closed yet. I guess there still having issues.. You and many other will just have to grin and bare it sadly.


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