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no reception

Hi ive been really unhappy with my galaxy 3s since I started my plan ages ago. I left optus to go to telstra as I was promised I'd have better reception. Ive been paying $82 a month when I get zero reception at work and to make a call at home I have to leave the house and walk to the road to get reception. As these are the two places I need reception at home and at work you can understand my frusteration and how annoyed I am for paying so much money and telstra havent done anything to help me. Ive been to the telstra shop more then a few times and each time they have tried changing the sim card or give me a excuse of why they cant replace my phone. Very unhappy!

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Re: no reception

Hi jessrelf,


That certainly isn't a good experience to hear about there. We can look into what is going on with your service there to find out what is going on. I have a few questions which can help us identify where the problem may be.


Does the service have issues in all locations or just at your workplace and home?

Have you been able to receive any service bars in the past in your work or home locations?


-Matt W

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Re: no reception

This applies to me too. Absolutely no reception at home, and after more than 6 months complaints, no one will fix the problem. Fair go, we pay for a service that you won't provide, rude staff, excuse after excuse as to why I can't get service,all from extremely rude and inept staff. Thanks a lot for nothing. How about providing the service you say you do.
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Re: no reception

I am afraid I am experiencing similar problems.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 4G.


Reception at home is extremely poor.  I have NO reception in half the house; in the other half, the reception is poor and unreliable.  My wife is on Optus with no trouble whatsoever.  Unfortunately, I have to agree with Posty that support staff has been unhelpful whenever I called through.


I tried putting my SIM into phones of other family members with the same result: no / poor reception.  Using the phone elsewhere is generally okay, but certainly not without issue.  Drop outs and poor / unreliable internet browsing is quite common, even in CBDs where one would expect 4G to be in place.


Leaving my phone at some repair shop (without being given a replacement phone) is not particularly practical.  Talking with Telstra staff has not resolved the issues.


What other advice could you offer?  (This poor reception thing is pretty annoying given the whole premise of having a phone is to have reception.)


Thanks.  Looking forward to hearing from you.



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Re: no reception

Just spent an hour on the phone with Telstra.


After a year of using Telstra, a technical support has finally told me the area I am living in has poor reception (why the previous support staff could / did not tell me that is beyond me).  To make things worse, the area I will be moving into also has poor reception.  The resolution offered was a smart antenna which he quoted would cost close to $800!  As most customers pay a premium to use Telstra on the presumption that their reception is the best in the country, I feel it unfair that Telstra would get their customers to subsidize holes in their infrastructure with a $800 bill.  He then directed me to the complains department.


The guy there was courteous but not at all helpful.  He put me on hold for more time than actually talking to me, and I did not get the impression he was understanding the situation before offering a solution.  In the end, the solutions he offered were:

1. pay the $800 (he was actually very cagey about the cost; he was repeatedly asking me the cost the technician quoted)
, or

2. go to another provider.


He made sure I was clear that there were no other options!  He also tried telling me that Telstra covers 99% of Australia.  I must be unlucky to be moving from one place to another with both having no Telstra reception.


I am very disappointed with the poor attitude and draconian method Telstra has in dealing with their customers.  It is evident which of the two options I will be leaning towards.


Thank you anyway.

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