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$10 Credit & Bonus Data on $129 Consumer & Business Mobile/Lease Plan Offer

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Get a $10 monthly credit and bonus data (giving you a total of 120GB data per month) when you connect to a $129 Mobile or Lease plan on a 24 month contract.


New customers and customers who port in or recontract their services on the below plans during the offer period will now receive 120GB of data for $119 per month!

  • $129 Mobile Plan
  • $129 Mobile Lease Plan
  • $129 Telstra Business Lease Mobile Plan
  • $129 Telstra Business Mobile Plan

This will also be provided to customers that signed up to the above $129 plans on any handsets between 5:01pm AEST 14 September 2018 and 11:59pm AEST 29 October 2018. 



$129 Consumer & Business Mobile/Lease Plan

Contract Term

24 months

Monthly Cost


Monthly Discount


Monthly Data

·        Consumer – 120GB (60GB + 60GB bonus)

·        Small Business – 120GB (40GB + 80GB bonus)

New Monthly Spend





  • New, Port-in and recontracting customers

Find out more about our Consumer Mobile Plans.



  • New, Port-in and recontracting customers
  • Must have a valid ABN

Find out more about our Business Mobile Plans. 


Things you need to know

Bonus Data: Will remain on your account until you recontract, cancel your plan or move to an ineligible plan. Unused data expires monthly.


Monthly Credit: You will receive a monthly credit of $10 until you move to an ineligible plan, recontract or cancel your plan on $129 Mobile Plan/Lease Plan or $129 Business Mobile/Lease Plan.

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For customers that signed up for the iPhone during the preorder period, is there a rough time frame when the extra 30GB of bonus data will be applied?


i currently only have the original 60GB+30GB bonus as I signed up on September 14th when the preorders opened. So I am missing the extra 30GB making a total of 120GB. 



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@Lee3G You need to give them a call to add the remaining 30GB manually.