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Changes to Telstra Pre-Paid Max™

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From the 26 February 2019 we are making a few changes to Telstra Pre-Paid Max™.
These changes will apply to $10 and $20 recharges made after that date.


As these changes may impact the way you manage your service, we’re giving you advanced notice.


What changes are we making?

From the 26th of February:


$10 recharges:

  • A new $10 recharge will be introduced, which includes unlimited standard national calls and text and 2GB of data, all to use in Australia within 7 days.

  • Subsequently the $10 top up recharge will be removed and you will not have access to main balance credit at $10. However you will now be able to purchase a $5 top up recharge instead (see below).

  • The $10 Data Plus Pack will also be removed ($10/1GB Data Bank data), however this will be replaced with a $5 option (see below).


$20 recharges:


  • The $20 Data Plus Pack inclusions will be increased to 4GB Data Bank data (previously 3GB).

  • The $20 top up expiry will be reduced from 28 days to 14 days.


$5 recharges:


  • We will be introducing a $5 Data Plus Pack, with 1GB Data Bank data.

  • We will be introducing a $5 top up, all to use in Australia within 4 days, so you can easily purchase a $5 Data Plus Pack.


Why are we making these changes?


  • We’re making some exciting changes to our Telstra Pre-Paid Max plan from 26 February 2019.

  • We’re introducing the new $10 recharge so we can offer you included value on a recharge below $30.
    • Currently, customers who recharge $10 on Telstra Pre-Paid Max receive no set inclusions and are charged for usage at Pay As You Go rates.

  • The new $10 recharge with inclusions is a shorter recharge option, perfect for those who need access to Australia’s best network for only a little bit.


When will these changes take effect?


  • These changes will apply to all recharges on the Telstra Pre-Paid Max plan that are made after 26 February 2019.

  • All recharges prior to that date will retain the old inclusions and expiry.

What if I want to recharge less than $30 for longer than the new expiries?

  • On Telstra Pre-Paid Long Life Plus, you can recharge $20 for Pay As You Go credit, all to use in Australia within 45 days.

  • More details on Telstra Pre-Paid Long Life Plus can be found here.

  • Find out more about how you can change plans here.


For more information Ask the Community by leaving your question below or if you need, you can talk to us.

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Level 3: Gumshoe

 can you put in a main balance credit of $10 and then leave that in the account and then redeem it when needed?

Support Team
Support Team

Hey @testok519


All recharges will have an expiry date for the credit. Once a voucher is redeemed it will start the time until it expires, normally 30 days but some will have longer expiry times.


If you would only be using it intermittently over a long period, you can look at the long life offer here:



Level 22: Superhuman
Level 22: Superhuman

@testok519, No you won't be able to put a $10 recharge on for a Main Balance and redeem it when needed like you can now.


When the above changes take effect, if a $10 recharge is put on the customer doesn't get a choice anymore. 

You will automatically get unlimited calls and text to Australian standard numbers and 2GB Data only to be used in Australia....and with an expiry of 7 day's, not 28 day's like a $10 recharge is now.

There must have been a lot of customer's asking for this for Telstra to offer it....but for the life of me I can't see why someone would choose this option. Who only wants access for 7 Day's??


There's only one good change to the Max offer and that's 1GB for $5 instead of $10.

All the other changes are a disadvantage to the customer in my eyes...myself included. 


If a customer wants to call or text an International number that's not one of the 10 included countries that have free calls, they'll have to put a $20 recharge on, but have the expiry time halved from 28 day's to 14 day's. 

Also customer's who put a $10 recharge on for extra Premium sms credits would now have only the option of a $20 recharge and have only 14 day's instead of 28 day's to use it.




Level 3: Gumshoe

when are you updating this page were it says 17c a text? and with the new plans

Just Registered

So does this mean that people who normally recharge with 30 dollars will still receive the same amount of data and unlimited text and calls 

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hi @testok519


The link you provided is for Data and Top Up packs for our older Pre-Paid options. You can view our new range of options at

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hi @caratman


The above changes do nit impact $30 and above recharges. You can view our current range of recharge options at and if you are on an older Pre-Paid plan you can compare at

Level 3: Gumshoe

@Dani39 @caratman actually the $30 recharge has increased by 2gb

Just Registered



Under this new plan, how do I gain sufficient recharge credit so I can purchase a $160 Int'l Browse Plus Pack without having to make $5 recharges until I achieve the balance. Is there a quicker way or do I have to make $5 recharges until I achieve sufficient credit?

Level 3: Gumshoe

@Poppy8 you can recharge in $20 amounts until you get to $160