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Community Recognition - Brains Trust member reaches Level 25!

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Hi there CrowdSupport! We’re excited to announce that @Jupiter, one of our incredible Brains Trust members, has officially become the first to reach Level 25: The Singularity on the CrowdSupport community - the highest possible ranking!

Jupiter.PNGThis is an admirable achievement, and one that is truly reflective of @Jupiter's outstanding level of contribution, dedication and commitment to the CrowdSupport community.


To recognise this accomplishment, we wanted to share some of @Jupiter's top achievements on the community:


  • The only user to earn the ‘Human Encyclopedia’ badge for authoring 1000 Accepted Solutions

  • Selected as a member of the Brains Trust for the last three years

  • Contributed more than 11,500 posts to the community

  • Received more than 6,500 likes from other community members


We truly value each and every member of our Brains Trust program, and are incredibly fortunate to have @Jupiter as part of this too. Check out our announcement article to find out more about the Brains Trust and the important role they play on CrowdSupport.


On behalf of the CrowdSupport team, we’d like to thank and congratulate @Jupiter on this incredible achievement. We can’t wait to see who will be next to earn this prestigious ranking Smiley Happy

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Congratulations and Well done @Jupiter!!! Stellar effort Smiley Happy

Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

ditto! Smiley Wink