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In 2018 Foxtel are focusing on delivering their strongest shows into the On Demand section. As part of this strategy Foxtel will be reviewing the number of the channels they carry.

From 1 March 2018, key shows from the FX channel, including The Walking Dead, will be moved to showcase on channel 114. This will see showcase become a drama ‘super channel’ carrying Foxtel original dramas and exclusive, first-run hits, express from the US in one location.

Other FX shows and complete seasons will join the library of content available through Foxtel On Demand, meaning you’ll be able to stream them when you want, on the go or at home, and on any device.

As part of this process, the FX channel will close on 28 February 2018.

Also closing on this day are the Eurosportnews and Nat Geo People channels. Though you can catch all your sports news on the Fox Sports News channel and you can continue to enjoy world class documentaries and entertainment on National Geographic and National Geographic On Demand.

If you have any concerns about these changes or would like to find out more please call 1800288943.

The Walking Dead is on FX, will Foxtel still have it?
Yes! The Walking Dead will be moving to Showcase. Season 8b will return express from the US on the 26 Feb at 1.30pm.

Where is the FX content going? Will all of it still be available?
A selection of FX content will be going to Showcase, and some programs will be moving to On Demand. You can use the search function in the My Foxtel App to find the new home of the content you love. You can also check the channel guide or the March Foxtel magazine.

Why have Foxtel decided to remove FX?
Foxtel decided to add a selection of FX originals to Showcase to make it a super drama channel. Also increases in the popularity of On Demand content meant more content was appropriate on On Demand.

What about content from Nat Geo People and Eurosportsnews?
National Geographic may decide to move some shows from Nat Geo People to other Nat Geo channels. Eurosportnews content won’t be moving to other channels.

Why does Foxtel keep removing channels?
Foxtel regularly review its channel and content line up to be in line with what our customers are watching.

Click on the link to view the full range of Foxtel from Telstra channel and package offerings

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So we keep losing channels but keep paying the same subscription fee.

Time to cancel foxtel. How do I cancel it?




Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Hey @Kipnic, you would need to call 132200 and say "disconnect" between 8:30am and 9pm and they will be able to help get it sorted for you. 




What happened to the world movies channel, no more kung fu movies





Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

When the world movie channel was closed a selection of movies from the world movie collection was added to the on demand library under world movies. 


Thanks for that DrQ

Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

@TommyR While you guys are fiddling around with the channel numbers can you add the ability to de-select certain channels from showing up in the TelstraTV guide? (Like what the famous Tbox could do)


Seriously, its a pain in the butt having to scroll through heaps of channels that have the padlock since I don't subscribe to them. And with that free 3 months Foxtel there really isn't many channels we can actually view.

Level 1: Cadet

Very disappointed that Eurosport news has gone Announcement seemed to trivialise this when in fact people like us onl.y have Foxtel because of sport including sport in Europe.

please note m.y protest!

Level 1: Cadet

By the way loss of World Movies was serious. Great movies. Surely Foxtel can afford to pay fee to SBS for that.


Bring it back!

Level 1: Cadet

While I am on a roll wh/y can’t IQ2 be upgraded to IQ3 for nothing especially if one has a -latinUm sub. We have two and are getting a bit sick of paying a lot for what seems to be second rate and shrinking. 


I am a Platinum subscriber with a satellite dish and an IQ2. I do not stream. With the reduction in content, I think that the subscription price MUST be reduced. I want more content - not less for the same price.

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