Google Home and Australian Sport - The Perfect Match

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Australians love sport – that’s why Telstra gives our customers the chance to watch their favourite teams with our Live Pass apps. With all the incredible live, HD sport available with Foxtel Now and Telstra TV, we are dedicated to providing the best sporting experience possible for our customers.


Google knows how much you love sport too, so they’ve trained their Google Assistant to know all about AFL and NRL, so you can stay updated. We’ve found the Top 5 ways you can use Google Assistant and Google Home for an even greater sports viewing experience:


  1. Results and Fixtures

Ask Google for match results, upcoming fixtures and current ladders.

Try: "Okay Google, when are the Western Bulldogs playing next?"


  1. Live updates

Watch one game and keep up to date with another by asking Google for the score. You can also view live scores in a snapshot at the top of the Google Search Results on your mobile.

Try: “Hey Google, what’s the score in the St Kilda game?”


  1. Stay updated

Google can keep you updated with specific news about your favourite team even when they aren’t playing – all you have to do is ask!

Try: “Okay Google, play the Sydney Swans news.”


  1. Have some fun

Google Home can even provide some laughs by answering some of your cheeky questions.

Try: “Hey Google, who is going to win the flag?” or “Hey Google, talk like a footballer” (try this one after the siren sounds at full time!)


  1. No TV? No problem

If you can’t get to the TV, listen to radio coverage of the game from other rooms in the house. Try syncing multiple Google Home devices throughout the house and enjoy live coverage in any room.



Have you tested Google Home’s sporting knowledge yet? We’d love to hear of any other features you might have discovered!

Google Home and Google Home Mini are both available in our accessories store. You can also get Google Home as part of our new smart home internet bundle.  

Learn more about Google Home and Google Home Mini.

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