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How do I change my mobile plan?

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We know that circumstances change, and that you may need to change your mobile plan to suit.


Our new mobile plans give you greater control over your Telstra services, with the flexibility of no lock-in contracts. This means you can move up or down the different plan tiers once per month without incurring service Early Termination Charges or having to recontract.


There are a number of ways you can change your Telstra mobile plan, including online and through the Telstra 24x7 App.

Here’s what you need to know about changing your mobile plan:


If you signed up after 25 June 2019 (whether you signed up to a new plan or changed from an old plan to a new plan) - you can move up or down the different plan tiers once per month.

Our month-to-month plans let you change your plan once per billing cycle to find the right amount of data for you. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan once a month in the Telstra 24x7 App.

Find the right mobile plan for you and switch online.

If you signed up before 25 June 2019 – you can change your plan, however you may incur Early Termination Charges. Depending on the plan you change to, you may also need to pay any remaining device or accessory payment amounts when you make the change.

Making the switch to our month-to-month plans

By changing to one of our new month-to-month plans with no lock-ins, you can change your plan once per billing month.


If you’re still in contract, there may be some costs associated with switching to a new plan. For example, this could include Early Termination Charges and any remaining handset repayments. Find out more.


What are the latest plans and phones?

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To change your plan:

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