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How to Report a Fixed Fault Online

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Service disruptions can be unpredictable— they can occur anytime whether you’re in the middle of an important piece of work, or when you’re simply trying to look up a fun fact to brag to your friends about. It can be incredibly frustrating when this happens and you might not have time to call us over the phone to report the problem.

With that said, here are a few ways you can report a fixed service fault online.


Smart Troubleshooting Tool

If you’re having problems with your home phone or internet connection, this tool can help you run diagnostic testing on your account. The tool can help identify what the issue is and then provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix it.


This tool and our Telstra Outages page (, are the two resources we recommend as first steps before contacting us directly to save yourself time, and potentially resolve any impacts to your service.


If these tools aren’t able to resolve your issue, you will then be guided on next steps on advising how you can contact our technical support team to discuss further.





Live Chat




If you’re unable to contact us over the phone, you can speak with our technical support teams over Live Chat.


For ADSL & Cable services, select the following categories

  • Broadband, Bundles & Home Phone
  • Fault
  • Chat Now

For NBN services, select the following categories

  • NBN & NBN Bundles
  • Fault
  • Chat Now

You will then be transferred to a consultant who can run through various troubleshooting steps to try and fix your fault.


Report a Fault Webform (Home Phone Only)


3.pngYou can use this webform to raise a fault ticket online, and notify our technical support teams to investigate further.


Please keep in mind that if any of the following are applicable, please contact us on 13 22 03.

  • Anyone living at the premises has a diagnosed life-threatening medical condition with a high risk of rapid deterioration and whose life may be at risk without access to a working telephone
  • Your fault is affecting more than one phone line
  • You have reported a fault on the same service in the past 30 days


These are just a few simple and easy tools you can use to report a fault with your service.

Let us know of these helped you out!

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