Information about Speed Boost on the nbn™ network.

Support Team
Support Team

We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your nbn broadband service so we’ve undertaken a review of the internet speeds you’re receiving on the nbn network. We’ve identified the nbn network connection at some premises is not capable of supporting a Speed Boost so we’ve contacted you to let you know that we’re moving you to the highest speed tier that the nbn network can deliver at your home or business.

What is a Speed Boost?
A Speed Boost is an add-on for your nbn broadband service, which increases the maximum speeds of that service. There are two Speed Boosts generally available on the nbn network: Standard Plus Evening Speed (Very Fast speed boost) and Premium Evening Speed (Super Fast speed boost)

I want a faster speed, what can I do?
There are some troubleshooting steps you can undertake that may help to improve your speed experience:

  1.  Check that you’re using a Telstra Gateway. If you’re using a different gateway or modem to the model provided by Telstra it may impact your ability to access the fastest speeds offered by a Speed Boost.

  2. Consider eliminating in-premise or neighbouring Wi-Fi issues by directly plugging your primary device into the Telstra Gateway via an Ethernet cable.

  3. Consider reducing any telephone or data wiring down to a single access point to maximize the line quality to that socket. Unused phones and devices like fax machines plugged into your old sockets in your home or business can introduced interference that degrades speeds and causes internet drop outs.

I’ve done my own Speed Test and I think my service is ok, do I need to do anything more?

Telstra has given an undertaking to the ACCC that we will contact you based on the results of speed information available to us. If you are happy with the speeds you are receiving you can stay on this speed tier.


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How did you calculate my credit?
If you were paying for a Speed Boost but could not consistently access the speeds expected, we’ve reimbursed any charges incurred to date. This credit will appear on an upcoming Telstra Bill.

If you were moved to a lower Speed Boost we’re reimbursing the difference in cost between Speed Boosts. If no Speed Boost options are available at your premises we are reimbursing all of your Speed Boost charges.

Would I be able to receive a faster speed with another provider?
These elements will remain the same even if you change providers. The speed of your service may be affected by a number of factors including distance from the nbn node, in-premise cabling or the performance of the line, which we cannot influence nor predict prior to your service being switched on.

What is the difference between FTTN and FTTB?
This refers to the different technology types available on the NBN. Your residence is connected to the internet using the either the NBN’s ‘Fibre To The Node’ or ‘Fibre To The Building’ technology.

FTTN NBN connections are made up of two parts:

  1. Optic fibre to a nearby neighborhood box (this is the ‘node’)
  2. Copper wire from the node to your premises.

FTTB NBN connections are similarly made up of two parts:

  1. Optic fibre to a nearby box in your building (this is the ‘node’)
  2. Copper wire from the node to your premises.

Maximum Speed that can be delivered to your home is affected by several factors including the distance and quality of the copper wire between your premises and the node, electrical interference and the cabling in your premises.

What is the difference between download speed and upload speed?
Download speed is the rate at which data is transferred from the internet to your computer/device and upload speed is the rate at which data is transferred from your computer/device to the internet.

How do I know which is more important to me?
If you need to upload a lot of data online from your internet connection then upload speed may be more important. If you are more likely to download information off the internet, download speed would be more important to you.

I’m still not happy, I want to complain.
If you’re a consumer customer, please call us on 1800 236 459 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm AEST and we’ll try to help you. If you’re a business customer, please call us on 1800 639 070.


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Just Registered

Does anyone know how long it takes to provision an NBN speed boost (FTTN)? I was notified by email that the order was 'completed' earlier today and in checking my account online, it say the add-on speed boost is 'active' but it is not reflected in my actual download/upload speeds that remain at 25/5 - rather than the 90/30 I was expecting. Have already re-started the gateway/modem and that didn't make any difference. .. Thanks

Support Team
Support Team

Hi bxtiansen,

Checking in to see if the boost has taken place?. 

If you happen to know the order number you can check the order progress online here  https://tel.st/ub9gu


Just Registered

Is the nbn tier 100 speed boost suppose to show in the addon section in the 24x7 app?

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

My understanding is that because it is not available to all connection types or at all addresses it is only able to be added with staff assistance so they can confirm the situation first to ensure that it will not be for no reason.

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