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We’re simplifying our Home Broadband Plans to make it easier than ever for you to understand your Telstra services. Our new Internet Plans will provide you with greater flexibility, and the choice to customise your plan to better suit your needs. Some of the key changes we’re making with the launch of our new Internet Plans are:

  • The plans are only available on a no lock-in contract (casual month-to-month plans only) – simply pay out your modem if you leave within 24 months of connecting.

  • The connection charge for new Telstra Home Phone or Home Broadband customers is just $99.

  • There are no entertainment inclusions hard-bundled into our plans – instead, customers have the flexibility to choose which entertainment add-ons they would like to take up (choose from Telstra TV, Foxtel Now, Kayo and Foxtel from Telstra).


See detailed inclusions in our new Internet Plans.




Do any Early Termination Charges apply to the new Internet Plans? 
There are no Early Termination Charges if you cancel your plan. However, you will need to payout the remaining cost of your Telstra Wi-Fi Modem (if you received a modem included in your plan) if you cancel your plan within 24 months of connecting.  And any outstanding Hardware Repayment Option repayments will be payable in full.

Why are the new Internet Plans only available as casual month-to-month plans? 
We want to give you the flexibility to take up one of our new Internet Plans for any period of time you choose. As a result of this change, we are also removing 24 month lock-in contracts and Early Termination Charges for these plans – customers simply need to pay our their modem if they leave within 24 months of connecting.

How often can I change my Internet Plan?  
You can change to another plan within your plan range once a month (while the plan range remains available to new Telstra customers).

Why don’t any of the new Internet Plans have any entertainment inclusions like Telstra TV or Foxtel from Telstra? 
We want to give you the flexibility to pick your plan and create your own package with the add-ons you value, so you can create a truly personalised experience for your home. We have a range of great entertainment add-ons, so with our Internet Plans, you may choose to add-on Telstra TV and/or any Foxtel from Telstra Package(s) you choose, along with some of our other add-ons like Telstra Smart Home or Telstra Platinum – the opportunities are endless! 

Do the new Internet Plans still include a home phone service?
Yes, our new Internet Plans still include a home phone service. 

Is the unlimited data you offer on selected plans truly unlimited? 
Whilst there is no cap to the amount of data that customers with unlimited data included in their plans can use, you must comply with our Fair Use Policy and not use your services in an unreasonable or fraudulent manner, for commercial use, or in a way that detrimentally interferes with the integrity of the network. We may take action if you breach the Fair Use Policy, including suspending or cancelling your service. 

I need more data this month, but should be ok with my Internet Plan’s normal data allowance at other times. Can I add a data pack for one month only? 
We include 3 free data tops-ups each year in all Internet Plans that do not include unlimited home broadband data. This means you can refresh your data allowance for the remainder of your billing cycle when you need it, such as during school holidays or when family or friends come to stay.

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Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

I would've liked to see the $90 plan reduced to $80 if the customer doesn't want to use a home phone.


I couldn't count the number of times I have seen posts in forums all over the internet calling for naked broadband with Bigpond.


While the CEO was calling for reduced plan numbers, I still think he is not listening :-(