Introducing the new look My Account

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We’ve been working hard to improve the My Account experience, creating a cleaner design and simpler navigation so you can find what you’re looking for with ease. We’ve already introduced you to the new look login page, and now we’re excited to share more about the changes we’re making to My Account!


Here’s what you can expect to see in the new My Account:


  • New look My Account Dashboard with more of the information that matters at a glance.
  • One place to access and edit all your personal, account and billing details.
  • New menu to easily switch between and manage multiple accounts.
  • Improved Data Usage Meter that makes it easy to keep track of your data.
  • Easier to understand billing information.
  • More of the information Pre-Paid customers are searching for.
  • All the important Plans and Usage information presented on the Dashboard.
  • The opportunity to provide your feedback to help us improve the My Account experience.
  • Easier to discover Telstra Thanks, My Offers and Telstra Check-In.


New Look My Account


my account dashboard - desktop edited.png





New Look My Account - Mobile Experience


my account dashboard - mobile edited.png




We’re excited to finally showcase all the improvements we’ve made to create a My Account experience that is as simple and efficient as possible.



Which of the new My Account features is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Level 1: Cadet

oh its brilliant shame cant even get into my account now.suppose an hr on the phone to sort this rubbish out like everything else

Level 3: Gumshoe

Totally agree with Ripped-off-by-T  . I have had issues when paying my bill and not being offered a receipt then finding out that it has not been paid . Leave things alone that are working . I have wasted so much time with Telstra trying to get issues fixed that end up being a nightmare due to the inability of overseas call centre staff to fully understand what the problem is  .


Support Team
Support Team

Hey @Fringedweller


Sorry for the trouble making a payment to your account. You should receive confirmation that the payment has been completed when you pay online. Were you getting an error message? Did you get a successful payment message?




I spent 2 hrs 40 mins on phone to Telstra today on two calls (got dumped during the first one) trying to find out WHY my name had been dropped from the White Pages listing (shared with husband).  One idiot insisted, 1) either myself or my husband authorised it, 2) I had not told Telstra what our preferred listing was, 3) that when I first set up a telephone connection back in the 1980's,  it was in the name of my husband only.


Regarding 1) never at any time had either of us authorised or requested a listing change.  2) Any time I was asked what listing I preferred when our internet was upgraded, I told them Mr and Mrs etc.  3) When I set up the first phone account, I was astounded that the first bill was addressed to my husband only (back then only the male member of the family's name could be put on the account).  I had it changed back then in the 1980's.


I repeated over and over again that our listing has been Mr and Mrs for years (except on two other occasions, Telstra changed it to Mr only and I had to go through the same crap and put up with a wrong listing for 12 months each time until a new telephone book was printed.  It was also deleted on the internet White Pages.  At those times, I said LOCK IT IN, so that the error cannot occur ever again.  But it did, of course.


But oh, no - no-one in Telstra would have made the changes, I and my husband were accused of requesting it.  Why would I want to put myself through this?  I kept asking for a copy of the authorisation.  Also, conveniently for himself, he kept changing the understanding of my complaint.  Did I want to cancel the listing?  Did I want to add a listing?  Of course, each person I spoke to was foreign, and that is what we get for Telstra going offshore.


I had phone rage, or to be more specific Telstra rage.  In the end, I insisted that I speak to a Manager ... long time coming and tried to be avoided.  She said that no authorisation had been requested that was on record, and she did not know why the listing had been changed.  Sorry for the inconvenience - NOT GOOD ENOUGH, considering that this had been the third time.


TELSTRA - instead of uselessly changing the set up of pages on your website, clean up your act and get simple administration correct.


Support Team
Support Team

Hi Shelbr, 


Thanks for reaching out and I'm really sorry to hear of this experience, it's certainly not what we wish to provide and I can appreciate your frustration. 


Has this been changed for you? What has been advised? 



Well, they said they will correct the listing, but they won't reprint the current telephone book for another twelve months!!!, which means I will have problems which I won't go into on this forum for twelve months.


My advice is that someone should get a good kick up the ...


A week before this I received a bill which was double the amount because I supposedly had not paid the previous one.  I have a direct debit account.  It was a Telstra accounting problem.


Since the problem with the listing, I now find that one of my email accounts is not being down loaded to my computer.  My computer email IS set up properly.  What is going on????

Support Team
Support Team

Appreciate your patience in this, have you had a word with our tech team about the email issue you're having there? I'd like to know you're reliably connected. - Matthew.

Just Registered

I'm looking forward to Telstra being able to offer just 1% of what they say they can do. I can't make a phone call from my mobile at home. I'm looking forward to seeing Telstra admit how totally useless and over - priced they are... I'm looking forward to getting away from Telstra ASAP

Support Team
Support Team



Appreciate the concern with your mobile service. Has it been clarified by our Mobile Faults team if you are in a low coverage area? 

Just Registered

This is far, far, worse than it was!!!