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Support Team

Telstra has launched a new way for Small Business customers to resolve your NBN faults. 

If you have been unable to find an answer to your NBN fault question on CrowdSupport or the Telstra Small Business support page, you can now use Live Chat to speak directly to one of our Small Business NBN faults and technical support experts online.

This service can help Telstra Small Business customer with issues related to:

  • Existing NBN equipment faults
  • NBN voice/internet connectivity issues
  • Configuration issues

Small Business NBN Faults & Technical Support Live Chat is available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm AEST.

All issues relating to new accounts, porting, billing or changes to plans should still go through to billing and account enquiries.

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Hi. I am just about ready to cancel all of my phone accounts with Telstra.

1 my home phone <removed> as of this afternoon does not have any dial tone.

2 my internet hardly works the new modem you gave me last year does not work.

It is still in the box not used.

3 my mobile number <removed> does not get reception in this area.

4 my wife's Samsung S7 <removed> is the same does not get reception.

Her message service also does not work correctly my son sends a message she does not get it.

5 you are charging me for mobile to mobile calls that were free on last plan.

The person who sold the new plan said nothing would change from the cold plan.

I am an amputee only 1 leg I need to keep in touch with family I can't with the service you provide.

So as you can see I am not very happy with the service I get for the monthly amount we pay.

Thank you



Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)



Just letting you know that I've edited your post to remove your phone and account details.

We recommend that you never post these via public forum, especially as CrowdSupport is visible to all visitors to the page. While we like to think that everyone would do the right thing, we can't guarantee this.

In saying that, I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with your services.

Can I ask if you've reported these troubles with the Tech Teams at all?


If you have, and you have a reference number, I'd be happy to check out where the teams are up to in assisting with these.

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Hi David, firstly as this is a public forum it is highly recommended you do not publish your personal details. I recommend removing it straight away if you are able however for your privacy I have also request the moderators do it for you. 


If your landline line isn’t working and had no dial tone, that is likely a big part of the fact your internet isn’t working either if it is ADSL, if it is NBN it is also likely intertwined. If it on the older Copper network your best bet to get it fixed is to call 132203, one the phone line is fixed it will likely impact your internet for the best. With the internet, if the modem was faulty, it you spoke to support they could have tried to resolve that for you. 


With your mobiles, each range of plans has different inclusions. If you have them on the same account as your bundle then you should get free calls between them. But to all other numbers it would be based on your CIS details on your exact plan. If you have had the same sim for some time, it might be worth visiting a local Telstra store and requesting a sim replacement as that might help and worth eliminating first. 


In addition, if you are looking at changing providers and want to ensure it is all in place and there will be no issues, Telstra has a dedicated Disconnection team who can go over every and ensure there are no problems for you. On 132200 and say “disconnect” between 8:30am and 9pm.  


Hi. Thanks for responding and removing numbers.

I have done a check on the phone line and it could not give me any details.

The ref number is 13-16677 that's for line check only.

I did complain about service costs at start of plan but I was just told cannot go back to old plan.

They did give me a 10 dollar monthly credit.but costs still go over.

It's more the frustration of the home  Internet and mobile devices that frustrates me.

Then late this Arvo no dial tone on home phone.

Internet is working but cuts in and out.

Cannot get new gateway modem working.

Trying to report the troubles is very hard and frustrating with Telstra on the phone.

I try and give up.

Thanks David



Just Registered

Hey everyone / whoever - somehow I've ended up here.


I just want to report a telstra pillar in my neighbourhood that has been knocked over, has lost it's top and poses a tripping hazard to pedestrians while also exposing the underground wiring to the elements ....


But not being a telstra customer this has proven to be impossible. The telstra website/s are useless, the telstra shop wouldn't help and gave me a 132200 number, the support guy there can't help 'cos I'm not a customer.


I have a location and a couple of photos - who's gonna help?



(Edit: 132203 and say "damage" seems to do the trick .... search to the rescue - AGAIN)

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being
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