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Back in November 2017 we gave two of our very own Brains Trust members, @Jagaf and @Wanglese the new Google Pixel 2 to review.

You can go straight to their full reviews or read on for a brief summary.



Transfer data from my current phone was very simple. The process copies existing TXT, contacts and applications from your current device to the Pixel 2.

While I was testing the device, the Play Store application crashed several times and the phone crashed and re-booted itself.

I decided to do a factory reset and set up “as a new phone”, which is a good opportunity to only re-install applications you really use.


There is an adapter in the case that allows you to connect your old phone to the Pixel 2, and it offers to copy across all of your information, apps etc. Well it did, and it did it so quickly I thought something was bound to be missing.  EVEN MY WiFi ACCESS PASSWORDS WERE COPIED ACROSS. BONUS!!!

Most of the apps that were copied across even remembered my settings. It was 17 minutes exactly and I was able to make and receive phone calls. 



1st charge from 17% took 1hr 1/2. 2nd charge took around 50 minutes. The charging cable plugs into the phone either way, no more working out which way is the top, Great! Answering emails and TXTing, the battery lasted for 38 hours. I then used more heavily, watching YouTube and using Chrome, the battery lasted 15h.

The phone can be unlocked with a passcode, fingerprint or using “OK Google”

All your applications are accessible from any home screen by dragging upwards which is great.

The sound on speaker phone was great, clear, even in loud areas.  The default ringtones are "cute", and sadly, the migration utility didn't bring over the inbuilt ringtones I had on the S7.

For me, this is where the Pixel 2 shines really bright.


I've always used Android Auto, and we play music from the phone (Spotify/Radio/Play Music) and also use the navigation mode.  On the S7, it was ALWAYS in danger of overheating.  On the Pixel 2, it barely gets warm, and NEVER too hot to touch (see my later review on VR mode with the Pixel 2).

Additionally, the battery lasted a LOT longer, and was only down to 40% after 2 hours driving, not connected to the charger (for testing vs the Samsung with the S7 going down to 25-30% after 2 hours)




The Pixel 2 would be suited for the person who wants a true Google android experience and maybe more suited to those who have used an android phone before. 

If moving from an iPhone device you will need to do some research for equivalent applications, which may involve some purchases.

If you are looking for a PURE Google experience, without the frills and add on stuff from other phone providers, this is just brilliant, and no "bloatware", LOL.


Thanks again Brains Trust, you can read the full reviews on the Mobile Insider board or if you are interested you can purchase the Google Pixel 2 on our website. 


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No comment on the "work profile" crap and it making you have having multiple copies of the same app on the phone?? I hate the damn thing and wish I had never read this when looking for reviews before purchase.


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