Plans change. So we’ve changed ours.

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We’re making changes to our post-paid mobile plans to make it easier for you to understand your Telstra services.


We’re introducing plans that give you greater control over your Telstra services, as well as announcing our 5G network access trial.

New Mobile Plans

Our new post-paid mobile plans have been radically simplified, and will deliver a new level of flexibility and freedom over your Telstra services.


What’s changing?

No lock-in plan

All our new Mobile Plans and Data Plans are month-to-month with no lock-in contracts, meaning you can move up or down the different plan tiers once per month without incurring service Early Termination Charges (ETCs) or having to recontract. This means you’ll have the flexibility to change your plan as your needs change.

No excess data charges in Australia

We’ve removed domestic excess data charges from all of our new plans to give you peace of mind and more certainty on your monthly bill.

If you exceed your data allowance, your data speed will be capped at 1.5mbps until the next billing cycle. You can access additional full speed data by upgrading your plan to the next plan tier (once per month).

Personalise your plan with add-ons

You can further customise your plan by adding on the things you value most. There are a range of add-ons to choose from, including:

  • Sport and Entertainment – like Foxtel Now, Kayo and Netflix
  • Accessories – like smart watches and headphones
  • Telstra services – like Telstra Locator, Stay Connected and International Calling Packs.


Device purchase options

We’re giving you the option to add a device to your plan and pay it off over 24 or 36 months. This means greater flexibility, simplicity and choice, and makes it easier to understand your Telstra service. If you cancel your plan, pay out the cost of your device (and any accessories or services) in full.

Why are we making these changes?

Our new month-to-month mobile plans have been designed to better suit our customers’ needs, providing greater flexibility, the ability to customise and change plans, and services that are easier to understand.


We’re removing key pain points like excess data charges in Australia on all new plans, and also introducing the freedom of no lock-in plans that allow you to change your plan whenever your needs change (once per month).

How do I build my new Telstra plan?

You can build your custom Telstra Mobile Plan in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose your plan
  2. Choose a new phone
  3. Add on extras

Build the plan that’s right for you.


5G network access trial


From 25 June 2019, customers on a new Mobile Plan or Data Plan will automatically receive a trial of 5G network access at no extra cost. The trial will remain active on your service until 30 June 2020.


From 1 July 2020, 5G network access will remain included in L and XL Mobile Plans and M and L Data Plans. Customers on other plans can opt in and pay an additional $15/mth to continue accessing the 5G network.


5G is available in selected areas. Visit for details or ask in store.


Note: In order to experience the 5G network, you must have a 5G compatible device and be in a 5G area. Customers on eligible plans launched prior to 25 June 2019 will also be provided with the 5G network access trial.


Good to know

5G: Telstra currently offers 5G in select areas and is progressively rolling it out to other areas. In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll automatically switch to our 4GX/4G or 3G. Check coverage at


‘No excess data charges in Australia’ (speed expectations)

Capped speeds of 1.5Mbps are not suitable for HD video or high speed applications, and means that some web pages, video/social media content and files may take longer to load, and are slowed further during busy periods. Speeds may vary for reasons like location, distance from base stations, and user numbers. Data is for use in Australia only, and the FairPlay Policy applies. Customers cannot opt out of shaped data and Extra Data will not be available on the new Mobile or Data plans.

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Support Team
Support Team

Hi stigger32,


If these inclusions are no longer offered for sale, regrettably they will not be able to be applied to a current in-market plan option.

Level 1: Cadet

So I am currently on a lease plan cause I like to get a new device every 12 months how do I do this on your new plans?

Support Team
Support Team

Hi @nathan949949


Lease plans are no longer an option.


The new mobile plans options here: are to purchase a handset over 24 or 36 months. 

Level 1: Cadet

I understand that the lease plans are no longer available but my question is how can I upgrade to a new mobile phone on your new plans when there is a new phone you want? Like before lease plans you could use the new phone feeling. Do you have anything like that?

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hi @nathan949949


Thanks for reaching out.


If wanting to change to a new device on the current range of offers featured via:


The remaining handset cost will need to be paid out in a lump sum when the new contract is drafted and processed.

Please let me know if you need any further help.


- Stef