Take to the skies these holidays!

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Take your vacation photos and videos to the next level this holiday season, using the Tello drone, available from the Telstra Accessories store.


This Tello drone from DJI, is the perfect entry level drone. Whether you’d just like to learn how to fly a drone, are interested in photography, or want to learn how to code your own software applications, this one can do it all.


Regardless of your skill level, EZ shots can help you record pro-level videos, and then share them on social media from your smartphone.



Once you’ve picked this one up from the Telstra accessories store make sure you take the time to get familiar with the safety rules for flying drones recreationally in Australia too.


Even if you’re familiar with the rules for flying within the laws, it’s important to also keep the following in mind:


  • There might be local council and/or national park laws prohibiting drone flights in certain areas.
  • Research the area you plan to fly and contact your council or national park if you're unsure.
  • Don't operate near emergency services aircraft – if you fly, they can't.

Happy flying!

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Level 1: Cadet

When are these coming back into stock, mines been on order since the 3rd Dec was showing in stock when ordered, and ment to be delivered in 1-2 days but still nothing, order still showing as pending and no-one at Telstra can tell me anything, so many people are in this same situation and aren't very happy,

We need answers!!!

Support Team
Support Team

Hello @gmlion I apologise that we do not have any information available to offer at this time. I appreciate the frustration and I apologise for any inconveniences. 

Level 21: Augmented

Having private pilot license and being extremely concerned about recent drone incursions into prohibited areas all around the world, I warmly recommend every one to review