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Telstra Air® App update

Support Team
Support Team

We’re continually working to improve your Telstra Air® app experience. As part of this we’re rolling out an update that must be downloaded before 17 April 2018.


How do I download the update?

Please go to your device’s app store, then search for ‘Telstra Air’. Select the ‘Update’ button to download the latest update.

How do I know if I have the right app version?

If you have an Apple device, the version of Telstra Air® that you need is iOS 9.2.0. If you have an Android device, the version is 8.0.2.


What happens if I don’t download this update?

If you don’t update the Telstra Air app, your device will no longer be able to auto-connect to a Telstra Air or Fon hotspot.  Remember that whenever your device is not connected to Wi-Fi, it may be using mobile data.

This means that in the event you have both WiFi and your 4G mobile network turned on, and you do not update the app, your phone may not use Telstra Air connection and revert to 4G network instead. Any data usage incurred on the 4G mobile network will count towards your plan allowance.

I’m still not sure about this, what can I do?

If you have any further questions about this update, please call us on 13 2200.

I want to know more about Telstra Air, where do I go?
Head over to to the Telstra website to find out everything you need to know about Telstra Air.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hey Innthetropics,


I can appreciate your frustrations with this Telstra Air App not working with your device since the update was completed and do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused Smiley Sad I would recommend contacting our Telstra Air Tech Team on 132200 and saying "Telstra Air Technical Support' when prompted (24/7). 


Let us know what is advised when you have had a chance to discuss this further with them. 


That certainly explains why none of my Android phones or tablets work with Telstra Air since April 2018 - the Telstra/Bigpond developers wrote for a minimum API higher than the Android versions I have, resulting in an error message "Your device isn't compatible with this version" after uninstalling the old version (5.0.1) and attempting to re-install from Google Play Store.

There used to be an option to simply authenticate via a Telstra Login web page rather than using this proprietary app, but that too has apparently been removed.


Sorry, I can't afford to just upgrade my devices each year to keep up and throw out the old ones which still work fine in every other respect...

Oh well, I'll just disable my Telstra Air completely then, since it now does nothing but open a potential security hole on my home gateway and I can't access it myself.

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How do l update after the 17th April 

Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

@1156 Un-installing and Re-installing should give you the latest version. For android its up v9.1.0 but no idea what iOS is as I'm a droid user. 

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Data usage 

Support Team
Support Team

Can I ask how exactly we can assist you today Deaney


Hey thanks for the help