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Telstra TV is now available to consumer post-paid mobile and mobile broadband customers

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From 14 May 2019, you’ll be able to purchase Telstra TV as an add-on to your consumer post-paid mobile or mobile broadband service. Telstra TV was previously only available for customers with a Telstra home broadband service. Customers on an eligible plan can purchase Telstra TV outright or on a repayment option.


Find out more about adding-on Telstra TV to your eligible Telstra service here.


Good to know:
While Telstra TV is now available to consumer post-paid mobile and mobile broadband customers, we don’t recommend customers use their 4G mobile connection as the primary internet source for their Telstra TV. We recommend that Telstra TV is used over a fixed broadband connection. 

Why you’ll love Telstra TV


Your entertainment. All in one place.

Telstra TV brings together the biggest brands in entertainment. Stream movies, TV shows, live sport, music and more. Plus watch free to air TV. All in one place.

: To use Telstra TV, you need a compatible TV with a HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5Mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free-to-air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. A $9.95 delivery fee may apply.

Content-led home screen.
Not sure what you’re looking for? Discover content from the home screen on Telstra TV and Telstra TV App, without having to open individual apps. The device remembers your usage, and provides recommendations for what to watch next.


Control, play & search with your voice.

Just ask to search, play and pause movies and TV shows. Plus change channels, apps and much more. 


Search smarter.

Telstra TV has Australia’s first integrated live TV, catch-up, and on-demand search function. With Telstra TV Smart Search, search simultaneously across the biggest brands in entertainment for specific movies, TV and people.

This includes:
free-to-air, catch-up TV, Foxtel Now, Netflix, Stan, Telstra TV Box Office, Hayu, Animelab, Garage Entertainment and DocPlay.


One remote. Total control.

Now Wi-Fi enabled, the new Telstra TV Enhanced Remote gives you more control of your television. Power on, turn the volume up, or control your entertainment from the one remote.


Bonus $125 Telstra TV Box Office Credit

Buy a Telstra TV and you’ll receive $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit, providing up to 20 new release movie rentals on us!

Telstra TV® Bonus Credit Offer: Must activate new Telstra TV and Telstra TV Box Office registration before 26.08.19. Credit expires 24 months after registration. For use in Australia.


Additional FAQ


Is there a different activation process if the Telstra TV is not connected to a Telstra fixed broadband service?

When activating a Telstra TV on a Telstra fixed broadband connection, we can determine who you are based on your connection. If you’re connected to fixed broadband with another Internet Service Provider (ISP), you’ll need to link your Telstra ID during the activation process.


You’ll be shown an 8-digit code on your TV with a URL ( where you’ll need to enter the code and sign in using your Telstra ID to link the device to your account. This allows you to purchase Telstra TV Box Office titles or set up carrier-billed subscription services for the first time such as Netflix, Foxtel Now or Kayo.


Are there any features that Telstra consumer post-paid mobile and mobile broadband customers won’t be able to access on Telstra TV?

From 14 May 2019, we will be unlocking all the features that were previously locked to the Telstra broadband Network. The home screen, search and free-to-air TV tuner will now be able to be enjoyed by all Telstra TV customers regardless of their ISP.


Can I use my Telstra TV while connected to my mobile or mobile broadband service?

While it is possible to connect your Telstra TV to your mobile or mobile broadband service, we do not recommend doing so, as streaming can use a significant amount of data. Telstra TV is an in-home entertainment device that connects to a TV, so the quality required for streaming is much more than is required when streaming on a mobile screen. We recommend taking up a Telstra TV if you have a fixed broadband service at home with a sufficient data allowance for big screen streaming.


See the below for average expected data usage when streaming:

Video quality

Typical data used

Data used per day (2 hours)

Data used per month (2 hours x 30 days)

Typical Low definition

300MB per hour



Typical Standard definition

700MB per hour



Typical HD

3GB per hour



Typical Ultra HD

7GB per hour




Is Telstra TV available for customers without any Telstra services to purchase?

No, Telstra TV is only available for customers who have at least one eligible Telstra service to purchase.

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