Telstra TV just got even better, with a little help from Google Home

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Enjoying your favourite shows on Telstra TV is now easier than ever, with the official launch of the Telstra TV integration with the Google Assistant. Now you can control your Telstra TV using your Google Home or the Google Assistant on your compatible smartphone!

Using your voice, you can turn on your Telstra TV, open your favourite apps and tune to live channels, as well as pause, resume and stop what’s playing.

We’ve put together some of your favourite controls that you can now action by asking Google to do it! Once you’ve linked your Telstra TV with your Google Assistant, why not try saying:

“Hey Google, turn on the Telstra TV”

“Hey Google, open Stan on the Telstra TV”

“Hey Google, tune to Channel 9 on the Telstra TV”

You can even give your Telstra TV a nickname once you have linked your Telstra TV to the Google Assistant, so you can use phrases like:

“Hey Google, open Stan on the Telly”

“Hey Google, tune to Channel 9 on the Kids TV”

We’ll be launching even more exciting functionality with Telstra TV and your Google Assistant in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our Announcements Board to find out more!



What does Voice control for Telstra TV with the Google Assistant allow me to do?
This will allow you to;

Turn on Telstra TV

“Hey Google, turn on the Telstra TV”

Launch apps on Telstra TV
“Hey Google, launch 7plus on the Telstra TV”

Control playback on Telstra TV, such as pause, stop and resume play
“Hey Google, pause the Telstra TV”

Tune to a specific live TV channel on Telstra TV (only available with Telstra TV2)
“Hey Google, switch to Channel 7 on the Telstra TV”


Even more exciting functionality to be announced soon!



Will Free to Air TV support Voice Control, what can I do to navigate around?

Yes, Free to Air TV will support some elements of voice control, such as changing channels and pausing Live TV.


What do I need to use Voice Control?

To use voice control, you will need a Google Assistant enabled device like your Google Home, Google Home Mini or compatible smartphone to set up your Telstra TV.

Will Voice Control work on all Telstra TV models?
Yes – voice control will work with both the first and second generation Telstra TVs.

How do I open specific apps using Voice Control? 
Use the standard “Hey Google” followed by the instructions. For example, “Hey Google, open Stan on the Telstra TV.”

Can I control playback using Voice Control?
Yes - you can pause, resume and stop playback.

Can I change the volume up/down? What are the options for this?
No, volume is controlled by your TV, while your voice controls the Telstra TV.

Can I use Voice Control to navigate menus, such as to navigate within the System menu or to install an app?
No - the best way to navigate around menus is still to use the keypad on the your remote.



Google Home requires Wi-Fi, Google Account and a compatible device. Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.


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