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What Account Management Support means for you and your business

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Managing your business no doubt takes up enough of your time, so regardless of how much you spend with Telstra, or the size of your business, as a Telstra business customer you have access to personalised account management support.


But what exactly do we mean when we say ‘Account Management Support’? Read on to find out.



Dedicated Business Support

As a Telstra business customer, you have access to our dedicated Account Management Support Team. This means you can speak to specialists across all of our small business products and solutions. Regardless of what you need a hand with, we’ve an expert to help you out.


There’s only one number you need to remember: 13 20 00. Give us a call, leave it with us, and we’ll get back to you when we have an update or a solution for you. Of course if you’d prefer to wait on while we get it sorted then and there, you can do that too.


This dedicated business support team is available between 8am and 9pm AEDT, seven days a week.



24x7 nbn Tech Support

We understand that in order to run your business effectively, you need your services to work. We also understand that things can go wrong, and they don’t always wait for business hours to do so.


That’s why if you have a query about your service, or are experiencing an outage, our nbn tech support line is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Even easier: you still only need to remember that one number. 13 20 00 will get you to that team also.



In store and Online too

So you’re set up if you want to call someone, but we’re living in the digital age. And what if you’re more of a face to face person?


As a small business customer you have the ability to book an appointment online, ahead of visiting a Telstra. We’ve got over 3000 business specialists in stores waiting to review your account, and make sure you’re getting everything you need from your services and address any issues you’re having.

All businesses great and small

Like we mentioned at the start of this article, you don’t need a titan of industry to deserve some TLC. So regardless of the size of your business, the number of services you have, or your monthly spend with Telstra, you can take advantage of our dedicated business support team.


Give us a call on 13 20 00. We’re ready when you are.

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