Why You Should Set Up Direct Debit

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As a Telstra customer, the variety of options and online tools you have available to you make it easy to manage and pay your bills. But there’s no easier way than with Direct Debit.


Just how easy is it? Read on for how to set it up, but first here’s why you should set up Direct Debit to pay your Telstra bill.


No Unexpected Bill Surprises

Once you’re set up for Direct Debit we’ll let you know before we take out your next bill. We’ll also give you a simply way to check any additional charges. As always you can also query a bill you’re unsure about, in MyAccount and the Telstra 24x7 App.


Set it & Forget it

Once you’re all set up, there’s no need to give paying your bill another thought. Each month your amount due will be automatically debited from our account on your bills due date. That’s going to help you avoid late fees, and remove the need to queuing up to pay.




So that’s the why. And now that you’re no doubt chomping at the bit to get started, here’s how you get Direct Debit set up.


Telstra 24x7 App

To set up Direct Debit using the Telstra 24x7 App, sign in to the app using your Telstra ID and then:

  1. Select the Bills tab
  2. Scroll down to ‘Manage bills’ and select ‘ Setup direct debit’.
  3. Set a payment limit or leave this field blank to automatically pay the full amount of your bill each month.
  4. Select a payment method and fill in your bank/card details
  5. Tap submit.


My Account

To set up Direct Debit using My Account, head to and log in using your Telstra ID. Once you’ve done that:

  1. Select “Set up direct debit” from the options located beneath your account balance on the right side of the page.
  2. From the Payments page you’ll now find yourself on, click the button that says “Set up direct debit”
  3. Choose the type of direct debit you require; Automatic or Fixed.
  4. Select your payment method, and tick the box to indicate you accept the Telstra Direct Debit Terms & Conditions.
  5. Enter your payment details and click “Submit”.

To set up Direct Debit without signing in to the Telstra 24x7 App or MyAccount you can follow this link, or alternatively navigate to and click on “Pay a bill”  or “Manage account” from the options on the home page. From there:

  1. Click on “Set up direct debit” or “Set up or change direct debit” depending on which of the previous options you selected.
  2. Enter your Telstra account number and choose whether you are setting up a new direct debit, or updating an existing one.
  3. Fill out all required fields and then select the type of direct debit you require.
  4. Choose your payment method and tick the box to indicate you accept the Telstra Direct Debit Terms & Conditions.
  5. Enter your payment details and click “Submit”.



And there you go. You’re all set up for direct debit!



Telstra Plus Bonus Points Offer -Terms and Conditions

EDIT: This promotional offer has now ended


The Offer:

Telstra Plus, our customer rewards program, lets you earn points for every dollar you spend on your bill. But now it gets even better because when up to Direct Debit you can earn 50,000 bonus Telstra Plus points.

  • Offer applies from 04/12/2019 until 31/01/2020, unless otherwise withdrawn or extended at Telstra’s discretion.


Eligibility of offer ('Eligibility Criteria'):


  • Must be invited by Telstra in order to participate in the offer
  • Must have an active Telstra Plus membership (Telstra Plus Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Must have an eligible account: A Post-Paid billing arrangement that is not currently registered for Direct Debit, if you have more than one eligible billing arrangement, the offer will apply to each account where the ‘redemption conditions’ are met.
  • Accounts with a pre-existing Direct Debit arrangement as at the start of the promotion are not eligible for this offer – i.e. customers will not become eligible for the promotion merely by removing Direct Debit and re-registering during the promotion period.

To Redeem the offer ('Redemption Conditions'):

  • Meet the requirements of the offer (as described under 'Eligibility Criteria')
  • Register your eligible account for Direct Debit according to the Direct Debit Terms & Conditions
  • Have a successful Direct Debit payment made on your next bill after the Direct Debit is set-up

The points will be bestowed to your Telstra Plus membership when;

  • You've successfully registered for direct debit for your eligible account, AND
  • Your next bill is issued after direct debit is registered (this is determined by your bill cycle/bill period), AND
  • Your first Direct Debit payment has been made in-full (you can see the direct debit payment date on the top section your bill)
    • Note if you pay your bill via another method other than direct debit prior to your direct debit payment date, you will forfeit the Telstra Plus bonus points and they will not be bestowed.
  • THEN We will bestow the Telstra Plus points to your membership within 14 business days of this first payment, which will reflect in your Telstra Plus Membership points balance.
    • If you choose to cancel your direct debit arrangement within 3 Months, we may reserve the right to reverse these bonus points in accordance with the Telstra Plus Telstra Plus Terms & Conditions


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Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

@Chris7771 I don't do it with Telstra, but I do it with my SEC and set up fortnightly (Could be weekly) payments via my online banking so that when the actual bill comes in every three months it then only asks for whatever the remainder of the bill is.


You could do that with Telstra.

Just Registered

Just as a follow-up - despite having a screenshot of the original T&Cs Telstra continues to insist on my eligibility, refuses to honour the deal and is happy for me to take this to the Ombudsman if I feel the need (which as a matter of principle I do, despite having little to no faith in that actually accomplishing anything) - absolutely no care and no professionalism on Telstra's part - it's like talking to a corporate robot. Am porting out as soon as my contract ends in three weeks (they don't give a cr*p about losing a long-standing customer either) as that appears to be the only power I have over this whole situation. Extremely disappointed, and astounded at Telstra's shady behaviour. Will never be back.

Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

@Edie3 I'm not sure if it comes under the TIO banner, it may have to go to the ACCC?


Just Registered

Thanks @Ozmoz, you may be right but I just can't be bothered spending any more time and/or aggravation on's really not worth it (which I guess is what big corporations count on when they behave like this - wearing you down until you give up). Appreciate your suggestion nonetheless, cheers.

Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

@Edie3 Telstra is doing the dirty on me also. Telstra Rewards told me tonight that I can only be eligible for the 50,000 points if you have NEVER had direct debit before the promotion. Which according to the newly edited version, it is saying that you can't simply de-activate then active. Which is not what I did, my DD was not active.


So like you, I will be churning my broadband to a new ISP once I find an alternative. I just have to use up my current points before I leave, even if its not really any use to me, as a matter of principle.

Level 2: Rookie

I think Telstra  could at least acknowledge what they have done and apologise. Changing t&c mid promotion is totally unethical. I signed up but didn’t get the banner so no dice. I heard some people got 2 lots of points! Of course everyone just ordered stuff to sell on eBay and will discontinue DD. Who pays these people at Telstra to dream up these schemes? O that’s right we do!

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What happens if my bank declines the direct debit